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Mattia Rizzi

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Mattia Rizzi
Born July 7, 1993
Residence Lecco, Italy
Nationality {ITA} Italian
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour San Juan 2010
Pro Tour top 8s 1
Grand Prix top 8s 4 (1 win)
Median Pro Tour Finish 158
Pro Tours Played 15
Lifetime Pro Points 132 (as of 2018-08-14)

Mattia Rizzi is an Italian Magic player. He has four Grand Prix top eights, including a win at GP Copenhagen 2017. He also featured on the Italian national team at the 2016 World Magic Cup as well as the 2017 World Magic Cup, where Italy finished 3rd and 4th, respectively. At the Pro Tour, his best finish is 9th-place at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary alongside teammates Jacob Wilson and Shahar Shenhar.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2012–13 Grand Prix Portland Modern 11–12 May 2013 5
2015–16 Grand Prix Prague Standard 29–30 August 2015 5
2015–16 Grand Prix Bologna Modern 5–6 March 2016 7
2016–17 World Magic Cup Rotterdam National team 18–20 November 2016 3
2016–17 Grand Prix Copenhagen Modern 27–28 May 2017 1
2017–18 Nationals Bologna Standard and Booster Draft 14–15 October 2017 2
2017–18 World Magic Cup Nice National team 1–3 December 2017 4
2020 Players Tour Brussels Pioneer and Booster Draft 31 January-2 February 2020 6


Pro Tour results[edit | edit source]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Mattia Rizzi
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2010 San Juan Block Constructed and Booster Draft 323
2011 Nagoya Block Constructed and Booster Draft 233
2012–13 Dragon's Maze in San Diego Block Constructed and Booster Draft 147
2015–16 Battle for Zendikar in Milwaukee Standard and Booster Draft 70 $1,000
2015–16 Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta Modern and Booster Draft 329
2015–16 Shadows over Innistrad in Madrid Standard and Booster Draft 334
2016–17 Kaladesh in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 423
2016–17 Aether Revolt in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 95
2016–17 Amonkhet in Nashville Standard and Booster Draft 127
2016–17 Hour of Devastation in Kyoto Standard and Booster Draft 422
2017–18 Ixalan in Albuquerque Standard and Booster Draft 158
2017–18 Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao Modern and Booster Draft 166
2017–18 Dominaria in Richmond Standard and Booster Draft 91
2017–18 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis Team Constructed 9 $5,000
2018–19 Guilds of Ravnica in Atlanta Standard and Booster Draft 85
2018–19 Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019 Standard and Booster Draft 33 $1,500
2020 Players Tour Series 1; Brussels Pioneer and Booster Draft 6 $10,000


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