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The Masterpiece Series is a series of promotional Magic reprint sets of foil cards that are randomly inserted in boosters of different blocks or standalone sets. Each individual block or set has its own name for the Series, but it will be referred to overall as the Masterpiece Series. The Masterpiece Series was created after the commercial success of the Zendikar Expeditions.[1][2] Originally envisioned to appear with every block, the appearance of the Masterpiece Series was quickly scaled back with the introduction of the Three-and-One Model, because R&D realized that doing one every set would eventually lead to the overall quality level dropping below their standards.[3]

Description[edit | edit source]

  • All sets except for the retroactively added Zendikar Expeditions have the set code MPS.
  • The cards appearing in the Masterpiece Series may also have appeared in other rarities.
  • The card versions of the Masterpiece Series exist at a rarity higher than mythic rare, but slightly less rare than a foil mythic rare. For example, for Kaladesh roughly 1 out of every 144 boosters contains a Masterpiece (technically 1:2160 cards.) These ratios may differ for other sets. For Amonkhet is is 1:1935. [4]
  • The Masterpiece Series, both in presentation and card selection, is tied thematically to the world appearing in the block[5] or standalone set. Thus far, this has meant that each reprint has received new art that echos the plane of the relevant set.
  • Masterpiece themes won’t always be card type based.[6]
  • Masterpiece specific card frames changes from block to block and is created to match the feel of the world/set.[7]
  • Masterpiece cards can have keywords that don't otherwise appear in the set they're printed with.[8]
  • The number of Masterpieces per block may fluctuate, but is about 50 cards.
  • All Masterpieces are printed in English, but they do appear in non-English product.
  • The expansion symbol for each Masterpiece set will be block-specific, but distinct from the sets in that block.
  • Masterpiece cards appear in Magic Online, but are not redeemable and are not counted as part of the set.
  • Masterpiece cards do not exist in Magic Duels.
  • Masterpiece cards can be played in any Limited format they're opened in and in any Constructed format in which the card is already legal.

Sets[edit | edit source]

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