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Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime ~4480
Race Planeswalker
Sources see references

Masrath is a planeswalker from Dominaria who ascended when the Mending occurred.[1] Masrath is a hot-headed, impatient mage, with a potent smile and nose for trouble that landed him in hot water too many times to recount.

He was a school friend of Tessebik. When they met again on their home plane, they decided to travel together to a new plane that neither of them had been to before, Ravnica. They would each spend a few days exploring the lands, assimilating creatures and phenomena into spells, and seeking out new forms of magic native to that plane. Then they'd face off right there, on that plane, to see how sharp each of them had become in the nine years they had spent apart.

References[edit | edit source]

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