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A marquee card was a splashy rare card that appeared in early Magic: The Gathering sets, and did something Magic had never done before.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Mark Rosewater got the idea from the popularity of Jester's Cap in the Ice Age. A marquee card could go into any deck (usually an artifact, but it could in theory be a landcolorless spells didn't exist yet).[2]

The tradition of creating marquee cards petered out in Tempest when the Rules Manager kept Mark Rosewater from printing "Helm of Volrath", which would later be Mindslaver.[3] For various reasons it couldn't be done. Rosewater tried it again years later in Mirrodin where he got it through.[4]

List of marquee cards[edit | edit source]

Set Card Description
Ice Age Jester's Cap[2] Remove cards from opponent's deck.
Alliances Helm of Obedience Gain control of a creature from opponent's deck.
Mirage Grinning Totem[2][5][6] Cast cards from opponent's deck.
Visions ?
Weatherlight ?
Tempest Volrath's Helm (not released)[5] Take control of another player and play his or her side for a whole turn.

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