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Marketing cards or ad cards, not to be confused with promotional cards, were added to the contents of a booster pack from Tenth Edition on. This sixteenth card is in the booster packs because the Magic Brand team has discovered that for some players the only way to reach them with advertising is through booster packs. The advertisements are about Magic-related things and are meant to educate newer players on the many other aspects of Magic.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The cards exist in the booster packs because marketing pays for them. The Brand Team lets R&D have one side of the cards and they put things there like a game concept relevant to the specific set (called "Tips & Tricks", or a Rules card), links to useful sites and tokens.[2] Because R&D wants to use “their side” for various things and all tokens are on that side, not every ad card has a token.

The quality of marketing cards is slightly less than of regular cards. For example, a less durable kind of ink is used.

Occurance[edit | edit source]

While being an approximation, the expected ratio of token cards is: [3]

Battle for Zendikar onwards[edit | edit source]

The ratio between token cards and other marketing cards was shifted heavily in favor of tokens in Battle for Zendikar. The new ratio is "approximately 9:10".

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References[edit | edit source]

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