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Marco Cammilluzzi

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Marco Cammilluzzi
Born June 24, 1986
Residence Rome, Italy
Nationality {ITA} Italian
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Kobe 2006
Pro Tour top 8s 1 (0 wins)
Grand Prix top 8s 5 (0 wins)
Median Pro Tour Finish 197
Pro Tours Played 27
Lifetime Pro Points 194 (as of 2018-08-14)

Marco Cammilluzzi is an Italian professional player. He has one Pro Tour top eight, a sixth-place finish at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir; he has also made it to the top eight of five Grand Prix events. In 2015, he won the World Magic Cup as the captain of the Italian national team.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2007 Grand Prix Florence Block Constructed 8–9 September 2007 3
2008 Nationals Italy Standard and Booster Draft 2–3 August 2008 8
2012 Grand Prix Turin Modern 31 March–1 April 5
2013–14 Grand Prix Prague Limited 31 August–1 September 2013 2
2014–15 Pro Tour Brussels Standard and Booster Draft 10–12 April 2015 6
2015–16 Grand Prix London Standard 15–16 August 2015 6
2015–16 World Magic Cup Barcelona National team 11–13 December 2015 1
2016–17 Grand Prix Madrid Standard 3–4 November 2016 4


Pro Tour Results[edit | edit source]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Marco Cammilluzzi
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2006 Kobe Booster Draft 351
2007 Yokohama Block Constructed 147
2007 San Diego Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft 101
2007 Valencia Extended 218
2007 Worlds (New York) Special 66
2008 Berlin Extended 407
2009 Honolulu Block Constructed and Booster Draft 318
2010 San Juan Block Constructed and Booster Draft 135
2010 Amsterdam Extended and Booster Draft 438
2011 Philadelphia Modern and Booster Draft 308
2012–13 Return to Ravnica in Seattle Modern and Booster Draft 24 $2,000
2013–14 Theros in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 197
2013–14 Born of the Gods in Valencia Modern and Booster Draft 47 $1,500
2014–15 Khans of Tarkir in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 34 $1,500
2014–15 Fate Reforged in Washington, D.C. Modern and Booster Draft 48 $1,500
2014–15 Dragons of Tarkir in Brussels Standard and Booster Draft 6 $10,000
2014–15 Magic Origins in Vancouver Standard and Booster Draft 366
2015–16 Battle for Zendikar in Milwaukee Standard and Booster Draft 223
2015–16 Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta Modern and Booster Draft 124
2015–16 Shadows over Innistrad in Madrid Standard and Booster Draft 34 $1,500
2015–16 Eldritch Moon in Sydney Standard and Booster Draft 69 $1,000
2016–17 Kaladesh in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 359
2016–17 Aether Revolt in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 326
2016–17 Amonkhet in Nashville Standard and Booster Draft 146
2016–17 Hour of Devastation in Kyoto Standard and Booster Draft 433
2017–18 Ixalan in Albuquerque Standard and Booster Draft 344
2017–18 Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao Modern and Booster Draft 63 $1,000


Controversy[edit | edit source]

On March 1, 2018, Cammilluzzi received a one-year suspension from the game.[1] The DCI provided no public explanation for the suspension. Cammilluzzi has previously been disqualified from Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 for lying to a tournament official.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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