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The Mana base of a deck are usually all cards which produce mana to cast spells. The mana base is, as the name suggests, the most essential part of a deck as a deck that is unable to achieve the requirements to cast its spells is rendered effectively useless.

Description[edit | edit source]

The most basic form of a mana basis is Land and more specifically basic lands. However, decks often use non-basic lands which have additional effects. However, these lands usually feature a drawback as a non-basic land may otherwise be strictly better than a basic land. The most common form of such lands are lands that produce more than one color, e.g. taplands, to fix the requirements of decks and make multicolored decks possible.

There are also artifacts that can produce mana but since these are rarely come without a cost on themselves they already require other mana sources in play and often only serve as mana acceleration. The most notable of these are Moxen which are immensely powerful.

Furthermore there are certain spells or cards with abilities to produce mana but these have the same problem as artifacts discussed above. The most common form of these are green creatures which can be tapped for mana such as Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves which are still being reprinted regularly as well as new variants being published in a regular basis (e.g. Arbor Elf). These are known as mana dorks.

Available mana base[edit | edit source]

This Table shows what color combinations have which lands available to support them in different formats. Basic Lands from the sets are not counted. All Standard-legal lands are of course Modern-legal, and everything in Modern can be played in Eternal formats. The asterisk (*) marks when a new Land Cycle Type was introduced.

Set Legality Mono Allies Enemy Shard Wedge
3ED Eternal 5 5
LEG Eternal 5/5
DRK Eternal
FEM Eternal 5/5
4ED Eternal
ICE Eternal 5/5*
CHR Eternal
HML Eternal 5
ALL Eternal 5
MIR Eternal 5
VIS Eternal 5
5ED Eternal 5/5/5
WTH Eternal
TMP Eternal 5 5*
STH Eternal
EXO Eternal
USG Eternal 5
ULG Eternal 5
6ED Eternal 5/5
UDS Eternal
MMQ Eternal 5/5
NEM Eternal
PCY Eternal
INV Eternal 5 5
PLS Eternal 5
7ED Eternal 5
APC Eternal 5
ODY Eternal 5/5 5
TOR Eternal 2 2
JUD Eternal
ONS Eternal 5 5
LGN Eternal
SCG Eternal
8ED Modern 5
MRD Modern 5
DST Modern
5DN Modern
CHK Modern 5 5
BOK Modern
SOK Modern 2
9ED Modern 5 5
RAV Modern 2/2/2 2/2/2
GPT Modern 1/1/1 2/2/2
DIS Modern 2/2/2 1/1/1
CSP Modern 5
TSP Modern 3 5
PLC Modern 1
FUT Modern 1/5 5
10E Modern 5 5 5
LRW Modern 5/5 3 2
MOR Modern 1 1
SHM Modern 5 5*
EVE Modern 5
ALA Modern 5*/5*
CFX Modern
ARB Modern
M10 Modern 5*
ZEN Modern 5/5 5* 5
WWK Modern 5 5*
ROE Modern
M11 Modern 5
SOM Modern 5*
MBS Modern
NPH Modern
M12 Modern 5
ISD Modern 5* 5
DKA Modern 1
AVR Modern 4
M13 Modern 5
RTR Modern 5* 5
GTC Modern 5 5
DGM Modern 5 5
M14 Modern
THS Modern 5*
BNG Modern 3
JOU Modern 2
M15 Modern 5
KTK Modern 5/5 5 5
FRF Modern 5 5
DTK Modern
ORI Modern 5
BFZ Modern 5/5 5* 2
OGW Modern 5 3
SOI Modern 5* 5
EMN Modern
KLD Standard 5
AER Standard
AKH Standard 5
HOU Standard 5/5 1
XLN Standard (5) 5
RIX Standard 5
DOM Standard 5 5
M19 Standard 5 5

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