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Commander Legends is the first-ever Magic: The Gathering Commander set that is designed to be drafted. It is the Innovation product for 2020, and will be released on November 20, 2020.

Commander Legends is larger than a normal set, with both oft-asked-for Commander reprints and new cards. The set contains 361 regular cards. There are 165 new cards, including 71 legendary creatures and planeswalkers. The cards are legal in Eternal formats like Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. The set introduces "foil-etched" cards, which use a brand-new foiling process that looks different from previous foils and have a special card frame. 32 popular legendary creatures reprints exclusively appear in this frame.

The draft uses three draft boosters per player. For every pick, players take two cards at a time. This is done for coherency of the decks and for speed. After the draft, players build a 60-card deck — much like how a traditional deck of Magic is 60 cards and a traditional draft is 40, here it's 60 to Commander's 100. All other Commander rules apply with one exception. You can play more than one copy of a card if you draft it: the singleton rule does not apply.

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