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Magic the Gathering Unpainted Miniatures

Magic: The Gathering Unpainted Miniatures is a series of Magic a miniatures released by WizKids. The inaugural wave will be released on December 2, 2020.[1][2] The miniatures form part of the WizKids Deep Cuts miniatures line and are meant for use with D&D / Magic: The Gathering-themed rulebooks.

A Kaldheim-themed second wave was leaked by[3] It is to be released on March 15, 2021.


Magic the Gathering Unpainted Miniatures packs come with highly-detailed figures that are pre-primed. These miniatures feature notable characters from Magic: The Gathering cards and include deep cuts to make painting them easier. They come in clear packaging displays, and little or no assembly is required.


Wave Product code Name Unpainted Painted Magic card / character Plane Alternate D&D name Price
13 WZK90186 Isperia, Law Incarnate     Isperia, Supreme Judge / Isperia Ravnica Sphinx $14.99
13 WZK90185 Borborygmos     Borborygmos Enraged / Borborygmos Ravnica Cyclops $14.99
13 WZK90184 Obzedat Ghost Council     Obzedat, Ghost Council / Obzedat Ravnica $8.99
13 WZK90183 Rakdos, Lord of Riots     Rakdos, Lord of Riots / Rakdos Ravnica Demon $14.99
13 WZK90179 Vampire Lacerator & Vampire Hexmage       Vampire Lacerator and Vampire Hexmage Zendikar Vampires $4.99
13 WZK90177 Stoneforge Mystic & Kor Hookmaster       Stoneforge Mystic and Kor Hookmaster Zendikar Fighters / rogues / wizards $4.99
13 WZK90178 Coralhelm Commander & Halimar Wavewatch       Coralhelm Commander and Halimar Wavewatch Zendikar Merfolk $4.99
13 WZK90180 Goblin Guide & Goblin Bushwhacker       Goblin Guide and Goblin Bushwhacker Zendikar Goblins $4.99
13 WZK90181 Joraga Warcaller & Joraga Treespeaker       Joraga Warcaller and Joraga Treespeaker Zendikar Elves $4.99
13 WZK90182 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice     Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice Ravnica Angel $4.99
14 WZK90282     Kaldheim Alrund God of Wisdom
14 WZK90280     Kaldheim Cosmo Serpent
14 WZK90281     Kaldheim Cosmo Wolf
14 WZK90276     Kaldheim Dwarf Fighter & Dwarf Cleric
14 WZK90279     Kaldheim Elf Fighter & Elf Cleric
14 WZK90277     Kaldheim Human Berserkers
14 WZK90273     Jace, Wielder of Mysteries / Jace Beleren Ravnica Jace
14 WZK90275     Kaya, Bane of the Dead / Kaya Ravnica Kaya
14 WZK90274     Nahiri Nahiri
14 WZK90283     Kaldheim Reidane Goddess of Justice
14 WZK90278     Kaldheim Shapeshifters


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