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Magic Champs and States

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The Champs was the first major series of Magic: The Gathering tournaments around the world.[1] In the U.S.A. they were called States. These were organized in the years 2004–2008, presented by Tournament Organizers in cooperation with Wizards of the Coast.[2] Tournament locations in the U.S. and Canada utilized the Standard format. Elsewhere, the Two-Headed Giant was used.[3]

Champs/States cards[edit | edit source]

The card prizes for Champs and States 2006-2007 included:

  • Special frame participation promotional card for all attendees while supplies lasted
  • Special frame Top 8 foil promotional card for the Top 8 players.

2006[edit | edit source]

  1. Participating Promo — Electrolyze[4]
  2. Top 8 Promo — Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind[4]
  3. Participating Promo — Rakdos Guildmage[5]
  4. Top 8 Promo — Voidslime[5]
  5. Participating Promo — Urza's Factory[6]
  6. Top 8 Promo — Serra Avenger[6]

2007[edit | edit source]

  1. Participating Promo — Blood Knight[7]
  2. Top 8 Promo — Groundbreaker[7]
  3. Participating Promo — Imperious Perfect[8] Note: Wizards of the Coast uses the set code C06 to identify this card.[9]
  4. Top 8 Promo — Doran, the Siege Tower[8]
  5. Participating Promo — Bramblewood Paragon
  6. Top 2 Promo — Mutavault

(Note: The last promo was given to the top 2 instead of the top 8, which makes this promo more valuable and much harder to obtain than the rest)

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