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Magic 2014/Intro packs

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Magic 2014 has five bicolored intro packs.[1]

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Lightforce[edit | edit source]

M14 Lightforce.jpg

The rares for this deck are Ajani's Chosen (foil) and Indestructibility.

Psychic Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

M14 Psychic Labyrinth.jpg
Psychic Labyrinth

The rares for this deck are Jace's Mindseeker (foil) and Clone.

Death Reaper[edit | edit source]

M14 Death Reaper.jpg
Death Reaper

The rares for this deck are Liliana's Reaver (foil) and Bogbrew Witch.

Fire Surge[edit | edit source]

M14 Fire Surge.jpg
Fire Surge

The rares for this deck are Chandra's Phoenix (foil) and Shivan Dragon.

Bestial Strength[edit | edit source]

M14 Bestial Strength.jpg
Bestial Strength

The rares for this deck are Garruk's Horde (foil) and Into the Wilds.

References[edit | edit source]

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