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Trackers are fan-made external applications that provide the MTG Arena players with various information obtained from the ingame logs or external sources.

Not officially supported, but highly praised by the Community Managers, "as long as it doesn't interfere in game and doesn't scrape any information you wouldn't be able to get yourself."Nicholas Wolfram, Community Manager.

List of trackers and features[edit]

Feature MTGArena.PRO MTGAHelper MTGATracker MTG Arena Tool 17Lands MTGA Assistant Arena Tutor
Ad-free {Cross} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross}
Deck Builder {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Favorite land art when importing deck {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Deck Viewer / Analysis {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick}
Draft Viewer / Helper (Quick draft) {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick}
Draft Viewer / Helper (Human draft) {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick}
Drafts to play before boosters calculator {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Mastery pass Calculator {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Collection Browser {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross}
Collection Tracker {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Community Decks {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Economy Tracker {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Cross}
Constructed Metagame Yes {Cross} {Cross} Yes Yes {Cross} Yes {Cross}
Limited Metagame {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} {Cross} Yes {Cross} {Cross}
In-Game Deck Tracking {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick}
Match History {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick}
Mobile App {Tick} Responsive {Cross} {Cross} Responsive {Cross} Responsive {Cross}
No Account Required {Cross} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick}
OSX Version {Tick} {Cross} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Tick} {Cross} {Cross}
Open Source Yes Yes Yes Yes {Cross} Yes {Cross} {Cross}