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Magic: The Gathering Arena/Promotional codes

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In the Store page of Magic: The Gathering Arena, you can enter these following non-unique promotional codes for extra rewards. All codes are case-insensitive.[1]

Code Reward Expiration
PlayRavnica Three Guilds of Ravnica packs 2020-07-01
PlayAllegiance Three Ravnica Allegiance packs 2020-07-01
PlayWarSpark Three War of the Spark packs 2020-07-01
PlayM20 Three Core Set 2020 packs 2020-07-01
PlayEldraine Three Throne of Eldraine packs 2020-07-01
SuperScry One copy of Opt (Ixalan) and a card style for it 2023-01-01
ParallaxPotion One copy of Revitalize (Core Set 2019) and a card style for it 2023-01-01
FoilFungus One copy of Deathbloom Thallid (Dominaria) and a card style for it 2023-01-01
ShinyGoblinPirate One copy of Fanatical Firebrand (Rivals of Ixalan) and a card style for it 2023-01-01
SparkleDruid One copy of Druid of the Cowl (Core Set 2019) and a card style for it 2023-01-01
OverTheMoon A stained-glass card style for Arlinn, Voice of the Pack (War of the Spark) 2023-01-01
InnerDemon A stained-glass card style for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted (War of the Spark) 2023-01-01
ShieldsUp A stained-glass card style for Teyo, the Shieldmage (War of the Spark) 2023-01-01
WrittenInStone A stained-glass card style for Nahiri, Storm of Stone (War of the Spark) 2023-01-01
EnlightenMe A stained-glass card style for Narset, Parter of Veils (War of the Spark) 2023-01-01
LevelUp 2000 XP[2] unknown

Expired codes[edit | edit source]

Code Reward Expired
MythicMagic Three random Mythic cards 2019-07-02
BingoIVMythicChamp One Core Set 2020 pack 2019-07-31
BroughtBack 2000 XP[2] unknown
OneBillion One War of the Spark pack unknown
StarterStyles Five unique card styles and one card sleeve unknown
FiveBonusLevels 5000 XP 2019-09-25
FoodCourt A card style for Midnight Clock (Throne of Eldraine) 2019-09-29
TisAScratch A card style for Oathsworn Knight (Throne of Eldraine) 2019-09-29
Crumbelina A card style for Harmonious Archon (Throne of Eldraine) 2019-09-29
ThatsWild A card style for Grumgully, the Generous (Throne of Eldraine) 2019-09-29

References[edit | edit source]

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