Magic: The Gathering - Concepts and Legends

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Magic: The Gathering - Concepts and Legends
MagicTheGathering-Concepts And Legends.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) James Wyatt
First printing Fall, 2018
Preceded By
The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Dominaria
Followed By
The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica

Magic: The Gathering - Concepts and Legends is an art book that will be published by VIZ Media in the Fall of 2018.[1] It is a hardcover book exploring the lore of Magic: The Gathering, looking back on 25 years of Magic, featuring artwork, sketches and commentary from throughout the game’s history.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

Dive deep into the archives of Magic: The Gathering with an inside look at the origins of the characters, planes, creatures and lore of the world’s most popular trading card game. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, this beautiful collector’s hardcover book features artwork, sketches and commentary showcasing the expansive world that has captivated generations. The book also includes four double-sided collectible art prints.

“MAGIC: THE GATHERING–CONCEPTS AND LEGENDS is full of memories, new insights, and offers a hint of what’s coming next for the number one trading card game in the U.S.,” says Joel Enos, Senior Editor. “Magic: The Gathering’s creative team combed through 25 amazing years of notes, art, and lore for this overview of their long and enduring history.”

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