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Magic: Legends is a ARPG (action role-playing game) created as a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World. As of December 2019, it is in its beta phase.[1][2] It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Description[edit | edit source]

Developer[edit | edit source]

Cryptic Studios is an American video game developer specializing in massively multiplayer online role-playing games.[3] It is responsible for the major MMO hits Star Trek Online, Champions Online and Neverwinter (based on WotC-owned Dungeons & Dragons).

History[edit | edit source]

Development of a free-to-play Magic themed role-playing videogame was announced on June 7, 2017.[4] It was originally announced as a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Cryptic Studios CEO Stephen D'Angelo explained that his "intent is to go forward with a Magic game that is not about the card game. It's about jumping into the world and the fiction of Magic: The Gathering." [5]

The name of the game, Magic: Legends, was officially revealed on December 12, 2019 at the Game Awards, a year and a half after the game was announced to be in development.[6]

Premise[edit | edit source]

An ancient force moves in the darkness, and it's up to you to walk the planes and gather the power needed to fight. Choose your path through the planes, collect spells to create powerful spell hands, and control the chaos of battle as you fight to save the multiverse from its greatest threat yet.

  • Become a planeswalker — Choose from five different classes. You can switch between all five as you play.
  • Walk your own path — You'll need to cross various planes to save the multiverse, but how you weave your path is up to you.
  • Control the chaos — Control and chaos intertwine in real-time combat. Strategically choose the spells in your hand because they'll be drawn at random as you fight.
  • Collect and upgrade — Discover a myriad of spells and collect spell fragments to make them more powerful.
  • Fight alone or together — Choose whether you traverse the planes alone or with up to two other planeswalkers.

Build a deck of 12 cards that constantly cycle, with 4 active cards and a slew of handy abilities to smash your way through endless monsters and maps. Combine buffs, spells, and summons to weave your way through the Magic lands.

Classes[edit | edit source]

The classes that can be played are:

  • Mind Mage
  • Geomancer

Worlds to be explored[edit | edit source]

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