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The Magic Pro League (or MPL) is an ongoing Magic Esports competition that was introduced in 2019.[1]

The Magic Pro League consists of 32 pro players from around the world who are offered contracts by Wizards of the Coast. They are competing in seasonal weekly competitive match-ups on MTG Arena, and in Mythic-level tournaments in both MTG Arena and paper Magic. These players are automatically qualified for each Mythic Championship, where they will compete against other top players, the challengers.[2]

2019 season[edit | edit source]

Invites were extended to the top 32 players in terms of Pro Points after the 2018–19 Pro Tour Season. However, two players declined to participate due to work conflict: Kelvin Chew (ranked 18th) and Andrew Baeckstrom (ranked 23rd). These invites were passed down to 33rd-ranked Rei Sato and 40th-ranked Lee Shi Tian, with Shi Tian taking Chew's slot to maintain representation in the region.

Before the start of the season, there were several controversies, causing changes in the original line up.

The season kicked off on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 3pm Eastern (19:00 h GMT) on

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