Lys Alana

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Lys Alana. Art by Christopher Moeller.

Lys Alana was a capital settlement of the Gilt Leaf tribe of Lorwyn elves. The palace of the Gilt Leaf king and queen, the Dawn's Light, was located here.[1] The city was a site of permanent residence of many elves of the Perfect and Exquisite class, including high-ranked officers like taercenn Nath. Another known inhabitant was Eidren, a Perfect from Lys Alana, known for his skills in shaping living trees and wood, who was planned to marry Peradala, a perfect of the Mornsong tribe.

Rhys, the former daen of the Hemlock pack of the Gilt Leaf hunters, has also some kind of residence in Lys Alana.

References[edit | edit source]

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