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(Targeted Lure)
Introduced Alpha
Last Used Theros Beyond Death
Text All creatures able to block [creature] do so.
Target creature blocks [creature] this turn if able.
Statistics 29 Lure cards
{C} 3.4% {B} 3.4% {R} 3.4% {G} 65.5% {R/G} 3.4% {G/W} 3.4% {B/G} 10.3% {artifact symbol} 6.9%

20 Targeted lure cards
{W} 10% {U} 10% {R} 5% {G} 60% {R/G} 5% {B/G} 5% {artifact symbol} 5%
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Targeted Lure"

The lure ability, informally named after the eponymous Lure card, is an ability that limits an opponent's options when blocking, such that they are impelled to block any creatures with the ability.

History[edit | edit source]

This ability has been with Magic since Alpha. It is primary in green, but R&D has started scaling back how often it is used. It's done infrequently now, and only at higher rarities because of its impact on Limited.[1]

Two main forms of the ability exist, forcing all creatures able to block ("lure") or a given target creature to block a creature with the ability ("targeted lure" or "lure limited"). R&D has started occasionally using the latter ability in red.[1]

The lure ability can be used to force opponents to block smaller creatures to permit larger ones to directly attack them or to block creatures with abilities that would produce a favourable outcome to the attacking player (e.g., deathtouch, venom, rampage).

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References[edit | edit source]

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