Lucilde Fiksdotter

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Lucilde Fiksdotter
Lucilde Fiksdotter.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Kjeldor, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime End of the Ice Age

Lucilde Fiksdotter was the leader of the Order of the White Shield, an elite cadre of Kjeldoran knights who fought the forces of the necromancer Lim-Dûl during the Ice Age of Dominaria. Lucilde's words carried inspiration to all her knights in the long winter before Freyalise's thawing World Spell.[1] She had a stern, but non-unfriendly, face and seemed to be particularly fond of the Elven rangers who served under her command.

Feast of Kjeld[edit | edit source]

During Disa the Restless's expedition to the west, Lucilde and Klazina Jansdotter remained at a mountain pass for two weeks, awaiting the return of the explorer. When Disa returned from her disastrous voyage, the three started making their way to Krov, in order to reach the city in time for the Feast of Kjeld.

However, the three women were caught by a storm and forced to seek refuge in the village of Mikkel. After asking for hospitality without receiving answers from the villagers, the three reached the village church, where the priest Halvor Arenson and his protegee Kaysa were the only attendants. The two were starting to celebrate the Feast and explained that the villagers were too scared of Lim-Dûl's dead legions to come out from their houses.

Halvor, Kaysa, the two knights, and Disa decided to celebrate the Feast of Kjeld, in their way. After a small banquet, the church door was thrown open by Kolbjorn, the Elder Druid. The man had come to take with him Kaysa, who had the mark of the next Elder Druid on her. However, he revealed that all the villagers had been killed and turned into undead. At that moment, the door was opened again by Avram Garrison, a knight of the Order of Stromgald. He greeted Lucilde and Klazina, and the two were relieved to know that a valiant knight had arrived to help them. Avram, however, revealed to had allied himself with Lim-Dûl, becoming an undead, because he thought that Kjeldorans had become unworthy, allying themselves with elves and dwarves.

When the hordes of the dead villagers broke into the church, Lucilde and Klazina, with the help of Disa, started to fight against them. Lucilde and Klazina, two of the most skilled knights in Kjeldor moved from opponent to opponent, trading blow for blow and fighting with fury. However, even if the knights fought bravely, they realized that they would be overrun by the dead. There was sadness in Lucilde's gaze, a wish for a better world than a world of ice and death and regret. There was no hope in Klazina's eyes, and Lucilde had none to give.

However, while the knights were fighting, Kolbjorn and Kaysa intoned the chant of Freyalise. With the magic of the goddess, all the undead were stripped of their unholy life, thus saving the group.

The next morning, while Kaysa agreed to go to Fyndhorn with Kolbjorn, Lucilde and Klazina decided to bury the villagers' corpses. While Lucilde thanked Kjeld, or Freyalise, for the victory, Klazina reminded her that the war against Lim-Dul was far from over. Lucilde, however, said that for that day war could wait, because they had some digging to do. While Lucilde searched for a shovel, Klazina realized that Avram's corpse was not among the bodies.[2]

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