Lovisa Coldeyes

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Lovisa Coldeyes
Birthplace Balduvian Steppes, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime ~2900-2956 AR
Race Human
'The Eternal Ice, The Shattered Alliance, Keeping the Cold (Coldsnap Fat pack)

Lovisa Coldeyes was the Balduvian chieftain near the end of the Ice Age of Dominaria.[1] She was a very massive, muscular and powerful woman who commanded respect from all warriors. She dressed in furs, leather and armor. Lovisa had blonde hair which was very rare for a Balduvian.[2][3]

Ice Age[edit]

A close acquaintance of Jaya Ballard, Lovisa was instrumental in assisting Jodah after the failed coup of the Lat-Nam. Lovisa harbored the duo until Jodah had been restored. As the leader of a majority of the Balduvian people, she was instrumental in the war against Lim-Dûl when Jodah enlisted their assistance. Her son, Lothar Lovisasson, fell in love and married King Darien's daughter Alexandrite. This marriage united Balduvia and Kjeldor, giving birth to the nation of New Argive.


She was killed by Heidar when he tested the Coldstone Heart to activate a long-dormant Phyrexian battle machine.

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