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Whilst not a block in and of itself, Lorwyn–Shadowmoor block is a combination of the Lorwyn and Shadowmoor (mini-)blocks.[1][2] The block was released over 2007–2008.[3][4]

Connection[edit | edit source]

Although these mini-blocks are distinct in terms of game mechanics, they are linked in their flavor (being set on alternate versions of the same plane) and are treated as a single block for the purpose of rotation. With the release of Shadowmoor, Lorwyn–Shadowmoor block also replaced Lorwyn block for the Block Constructed format.

Sets[edit | edit source]

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Lorwyn block[edit | edit source]

The Lorwyn block is the thirteenth block; unlike all previous blocks, it consist of only two sets: the large expansion, Lorwyn () and the small expansion, Morningtide (). The block came out in 2007-2008.

Keywords introduced in this block: Champion, Changeling, Clash, Evoke, Hideaway, Kinship, Prowl, and Reinforce.

Planeswalker, a new card type, debuted in this block. Tribal, another new card type, debuted in the previous block but was fleshed out in Lorwyn.

The race/class system is a major theme of this block.[5] Each creature in the block belonged to one of the following nine creature types: Elemental, Elf, Faerie, Giant, Goblin, Kithkin, Merfolk, Shapeshifter, and Treefolk.

Mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Three mega cycles exist across the block's two sets:

Theme decks[edit | edit source]

Shadowmoor block[edit | edit source]

The Shadowmoor block is the fourteenth block; as a mini-block it consist of only two sets: one large expansion, Shadowmoor (), and one small expansion, Eventide (). The block came out during the first half of 2008.

Ability word introduced: Chroma

Keywords introduced in this block: Conspire, Persist, Retrace, Wither.

Mechanics introduced in this block: The untap symbol ({Q}).

A major theme of the Shadowmoor block was color. Hybrid mana, introduced in the Ravnica block, was brought back in Shadowmoor and given a more thorough treatment. -1/-1 counters were among the block's minor themes.

Mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Seven mega cycles exist between the two sets, each made up of ten cards, one for each color pair.

Theme decks[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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