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Race Elf
Birthplace Havenwood, Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, died ~ 170 AR
Fallen Empires Comic

Loren was an Elven Scout from Havenwood on the Sarpadian continent of Dominaria.

History[edit | edit source]

Serving as Master Scout directly under the King, he would often undertake critical missions personally for his Majesty. However, with the advent of thallids gaining sentience, the elves were divided into two factions. Loren, whose father had helped to engineer them, fell largely into a faction that respected the fungus as intelligent creatures. Loren's final mission would be to scout the thallids' growth and report on their condition.

Without Loren's knowledge, Morgan, a Thelonite druid persuaded the king to allow him to follow Loren and ensure his success. When Loren learned that that thallids had become highly organized and were beginning to show rudimentary signs of civilization including shelters, Morgan ambushed him. The very tree Loren was concealed in turned against him swatting him to the ground. There Loren lay trapped by several hostile thallids summoned by Morgan. Loren, helpless, was enchanted with a web and left to die.[1]

An enraged planeswalker named Tev Loneglade rescued Loren from the fatal trap with a powerful fireball. Still not knowing who ambushed him, Loren continued with his mission. He would again be ambushed by Morgan, this time taking a poison arrow to the chest. Morgan would reveal his intentions to Loren before he died, claiming that he wished to declare Loren and his family traitors and to spark the nation into war against the thallids and then against the orcs, goblins, Farrelites and the Order of the Ebon Hand. Ultimately, all that would happen is that a fissure would form between the pro and anti-thallid factions, leaving the elves weakened until the thallids stormed across Havenwood.[2]

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