Lord of House Khone

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The Lord of House Khone was a black-mana wizard knight of the Black Fortress in Arathoxia (Dominaria). He was also lord of House Khone of Khone Keep in the Khone swamp of Golthonor on Corondor.

After the Grand Sultan’s order to find Jared Carthalion during Ravidel’s assault on Arathoxia, the Lord found him but chose not to capture the Shadow Mage. He survived the assault, but his Black Fortress fell. Later, Jared, Kristina of the Woods, Altair of Coloni, and Caliphear the Nightmare asked for his help against Ravidel, but the lord refused, instead choosing to remain neutral.

In the unpublished comic Prelude to War, Freyalise and the Knight summon Sol'Kanar and bind him.