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LoadingReadyRun is a sketch comedy group based in Victoria, British Columbia. They have produced comedy videos since 2003. After several members of the group rediscovered the game in 2010, the group parodied their exploits in getting back into playing Magic in their series "commodoreHustle". The idea of this evolved and was later turned into the web series Friday Nights which is featured on magicthegathering.com

The group also hosts a biweekly Magic focused podcast called "TapTapConcede" and also stream Magic Online drafts which are later uploaded onto their second YouTube channel, "LoadingReadyLive", occasionally focusing on "Wacky Drafts" in which they add additional rules such as picking the highest rarity card, or cards with certain keywords, or the cards with the best hat. They expanded their Magic-related content with a podcast on Canadian Highlander named "North 100", and have a second weekly stream of paper Magic of various formats.

Additionally, their yearly donation drive for the benefit of Child's Play, "Desert Bus for Hope", often features giveaways and auctions for rare Magic related items (such as uncut foil sheets) and often features at least one guest call-in by a member of Magic R&D such as Aaron Forsythe.

Since the Shadows over Innistrad expansion, LoadingReadyRun has hosted a special promotional event called the "Pre-Prerelease" , a live-streamed eight-person Sealed deck session. Four members of LoadingReadyRun and four special community guests participate, and it is hosted the Friday one week before the worldwide paper prerelease event.

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