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Race Elder Dragon
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime -25,000 AR to unknown
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Lividus was an aggressive Elder Dragon, with the characteristic fierce crest that was shared by his siblings Vaevictis Asmadi, Rubra and Ravus. They were cousins of Palladia-Mors, Merrevia Sal Chromium Rhuell, Nicol Bolas, Ugin and Arcades Sabboth. Lividus was as big as Vaevictis, strong in body but weak in mind.

History[edit | edit source]

Lividus was birthed in the second egg-fall by the Ur-Dragon on Dominaria.[1] With his marauding sibling gang, he furiously guarded a territory they claimed for their own hunting grounds.[2] Because the humans in their territory evolved into dragon hunters, after several years only he and his three siblings remained of his egg-fall. At least four descendants had been killed, their skulls decorating the houses of the humans.[3]

Elder Dragon War[edit | edit source]

At the onset of the Elder Dragon War, Lividus and his brothers were challenged by the human army of Nicol Bolas. Although Rubra took a poisoned bolt to the eye, the others defeated the army easily.[4] What remained of Bolas' army fled to the mountains and hid in a canyon. When Ravus and Lividus traced them there, they found that Bolas had one more trick up his sleeve. Working in concert, a squadron of human sorcerers flung a disintegration spell at Ravus. It hit like an invisible wave pouring through him and he splintered like rock heated until it explodes. With a cry of enraged grief, Lividus flamed the ballistae just as a second set of bolts flew. The force of his blast sent the bolts skittering against the canyon walls, leaving the Nicol Bolas vulnerable with the charred ballistae, the last sorcerers, and the blood-soaked rearguard as his sole companions.

But then Bolas called upon his magnificent mind powers. He captured Lividus's gaze with his own and sunk a shadow claw of doubt into the other dragon's hearts, seeking to excavate his grievances. Lividus had always resented the fact that Vaevictis used him to do his dirty work, while his brother stayed safely behind. He was tired of Vaevictis' rule and his domineering ways. With Ravus and Rubra, he had earlier conspired to supplant Vaevictis, but the latter had beat them into submission. Bolas pressed the venom-tipped spear of his sharp mind deep into Lividus's simmering rancor and ignited his suppressed rage. When Vaevictis arrived on the scene, Lividus rose to meet him with a roar. The impact and clamor of their battle thundered through the rugged hills and echoed down the deep canyons, and Bolas escaped.

It is unknown when exactly Lividus was killed, but Vaevictis would be the only one of his brood to survive the Elder Dragon war.[5]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]