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The following Kaladesh characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Adi Thandray

A designer and participant in the Inventors’ Fair.
Advika Taar

A human member of the Scrapper inventor society and a participant in the underground automaton league. She's wanted for using her augmentations as weapons.[1]
Aesha "Princess Aesha"

A girl who took a liking to Vraska during the gorgon's visit.[2]
Ara Ara, renegade smuggler


A mother-and-son team who perfected the aether-propelled train.[3]
Avaati Vya

An ingenious inventor. Developer of the process to refine volatile raw aether.[4]

A Consulate inspector encountered by Ajani Goldmane.[5]
Bes Tavani Bes Tavani, Bomat merchant


A dwarven metalworker abducted by Tezzeret, but later removed from the Inquirium after failing to meet Tezzeret's expectations.[6]

Veteran inventor-driver at the Ovalchase for the Grinders Society.[7]
Caru Caru, Consulate warden

Chammi Chammi, Curio Vendor


Depala's Hyena.[8]
Daljit Gavaskar

Mentor to Adi Thandray.

Young vedalken member of the renegades. A lifecrafter.[5]
Depala Depala, Derby Crow Pilot

A young dwarf pilot renowned for her talent at the controls and a reputation for pushing the limits.[4] Quickly recruited by the Renegades.[9]
Eshan Baat

A human experimental aetherist. He is a prominent leader in the field of aetherflux manipulation. Inventor of the Combustible Gearhulk [10]
Faiz Faiz, inventor

Gan Gaheer

A renegade member of the Glint-Sleeves, a group that specialized in artificial bodily attachments. Creator of Ajani's artificial hands.[5]
Gonti Gonti, Lord of Luxury
Crime Lord Gonti

Aetherborn crime lord, presiding over the city's only permanent night market, where renegades flock to obtain illicit goods and siphoned aether.[3][4] Gonti provided aid to the Renegades in exchange for services rendered later.[11]
Himmat Neela

An elven lifecrafter. He is known for his magnificent creature constructs.[10]
Ira Joshi

A famous human vehicle driver. She is the official pilot for the Consulate's Fleetwheel Cruiser.[10]
Irsi Irsi, Kujar gardener

Ivash Ivash, Consulate inventor

Jasi Ganin Jasi Ganin, master siphoner

Jehvani Jehvani, Vahadar artificer

Artificer competing in the Inventors' Fair.
Jitya Reyath

A foundry hand and participant in the Inventors’ Fair.
Kadhu Kadhu, skywhaler


A dwarf, commanding the security forces that guarded the Aether Hub.[11]
Kambal Kambal, Consul of Allocation

As Consul of Allocation, the corrupt human Kambal supervised the distribution of aether. He exerts whatever power necessary to maintain his domain and his fortune.[4] He was in league with Baral and Tezzeret when the latter abducted the best inventors of the Fair.[11][12]
Karavin Karavin, renegade saboteur

Kareem Kareem, dwarven mechanist

Leader of the Consulate toolcraft experts.[10]
Karpani Zevanwat Kari Zev, skyship raider

Pirate captain of the Skyship Dragons's Smile. She follows no one's rule but her own. Working with the Renegades, but always asking a prize.[7][9]
Kershan Danil Kershan Danil, Highspire artisan

Kiran Nalaar Kiran Nalaar, Ghirapur inventor

Father of Chandra Nalaar.[13] Husband of Pia Nalaar. Killed[14] by Captain Baral.[15]
Kurna Majan Kurna Majan, Luminary League


A Renegade quicksmith.[9]
Mehul Enforcer Mehul

A consulate enforcer, whose essence was drained by Yahenni.[3][7]

A renegade lifecrafter, specializing in birds.[5]

Vedalken assistent of Rashmi, a gifted researcher in his own right.[16] Tezzeret threathened his life to keep Rashmi motivated.[6] He joined the renegades and together with Rashmi completed the Heart of Kiran.[11]
Nadja Cloudtoucher Nadja Cloudtoucher, aerowright

Nani Jalbala

An old acquaintance of Pia and Chandra Nalaar.[17]
Neerav Soni

Up and coming designer of the Tradewind Airship, allowing pilots to safely navigate deeper into the aethersphere than ever before.[10]
Nehra Nehra, inventor

Developer of the Threshold Principle
Nirav Nirav, Tirahar elder


Yahenni's caterer, secretely a renegade. Arrested by the consulate.[3][7]
Padeem Padeem, Consul of Innovation,
Enlightened Keeper Padeem

Vedalken inventor of the self-repairing armor. Now in her fifties and a Consul, she shepherds fledgling inventors through the process of development.[4][16]
Parekh Enforcer Parekh

A consulate enforcer, whose essence was drained by Yahenni.[3][7]
Pav Pav, Gremlin Watch

Guard responsible for defending the Inventors' Fair from Gremlins.
Pihu Laal

Dwarven skyship mechanic, famed in the Freejam Aviaries as the mechanic who can fix anything. Designer of the Sky Skiff.[10]

Kari Zev's pet monkey.[9]
Rakib Rakib, Ghirapur Schoolteacher


A great aetherborn inventor. They pioneered some of the first medical technology for non-organic beings.[3]
Ranaj Enforcer-Chief Ranaj

Jovial chief of the Consulate Enforcers.[10]
Ranbir Ranbir of zone Bomat

Aetherborn inventor of the Torch Gauntlet.[10]

Owner of a hardware store in Eleven bridges.[16]
Ren Grinning Ren

Young inventor-driver at the Ovalchase for the Grinders Society. A rising star.[7]
Ripu Ripu, repair specialist

Ritika Ritika, artificer

Famed member of the Countless Gears inventor society, specializing in servo design.[10]
Sana Ahir

An aerowright abducted by Tezzeret, but later removed from the Inquirium after failing to meet Tezzeret's expectations.[6] After she was released by the Renegades, she became a benificiary of of Yahenni's will.[8]
Sekar Rabi

A member of the Consulate Department of Security and Enforcement now working to rebuild trust with the population of Ghirapur.[7]

An Elf who resisted the Consulate. Her descendants proudly occupy the greenway that she refused to relinquish.
Shanti Makam

A kinetic sculptor and participant in the Inventors’ Fair.
Sram Sram, senior edificer

The Aether Hub's chief architect. A dwarf, instrumental in the maintenance of Ghirapur for years. In response to the destructive efforts of the renegades, Sram and his team worked tirelessly to repair the city. His motto is "think bigger".[1][11]
Suja Pavani

A participant in the Inventors’ Fair.
Surash Surash, Keeper of the Cowl

Elven groundskeeper of the greenbelt called the Cowl. Believed to have orchestrated attacks on Consulate enforcers, sending the Cowl's giant spiders to the renegades.[1]

Human member of the renegades.[5]
Tiyu Arrun

Vedalken member of the Aetherlogical Society. She is the inventor of the Perpetual Timepiece.[10]
Turni Turni, Greenwheel groundskeeper


An old dwarven woman working at the First Launch. A sympathizer of the Renegades.[9]
Vatti Shadowblayde

A talented young elven lifecrafter, one of the city-dwelling Vahadar elves. Dare-all and adventurer. Member of the renegades. A prodigy whose mechanical insects can snare and dismantle the Consulate's surveillance thopters.[5] Shadowblayde was part of the Renegades' on the Consulate's Spire.[18]
Venand Kapur Venand Kapur, the Gearherder

Venkat Dasai Venkat Dasai, renegade commander

Venya Sangmi

A participant in the Inventors’ Fair.
Viprikti Viprikti, thopterist


An aetherborn investor, philanthropist and socialite, knowing their life is near an end.[19] After extending their life by draining the essence of some consulate enforcers, they joined the renegades.[3] After the revolution, they finally held their penultimate party and died.[8]


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