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The following Dominarian characters are only mentioned in flavor text, or appear as minor characters in the storyline.

Name Title Description Cards
Adeliz Adeliz, the Cinder Wind

A Ghitu wizard who studies at the Tolarian Academy. She received special dispensation to incorporate tradional Ghitu garb in her student robes.
She often surprises her instructors with unexpected twist on Tolaria spellcraft.[1]
Adom Capashen Adom Capashen, Benalish Commander

A progenitor of Gerrard Capashen, part of the Bloodline project.

A Jamuraan writer and author of the Tales of Jamuraa.

A cleric at the Cathedral of Serra. A friend of Tiana.[2]
Alene Alene of Riverspan

Villager of a new town built on the remains of a Phyrexian portal ship.
Arcanis Arcanis the Omnipotent

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A dark and mysterious wizard. No one knows whether "he" is male or female or even human.[3]

A Jamuraan caravan drover. Assistant of Subira.[4]
Aron Capashen

The head of the highest house of Benalia and a distant relative of Gerrard Capashen.
Father of Raff and Danitha Capashen.[5]
Arongi Dr. Arongi

A wizard; staff member at Tolaria West.[6]
Arkol Arkol, Argivian scholar

An Argivian scholar, known for his misinterpretations.
Aryel Aryel of Windgrace.

A human knight from Urborg, devoted to Lord Windgrace. She has become a knight-commander in Benalia[7] On her crusades, she rides a huge black panther, that shares her merciless nature.

A Jamuuran storyteller.
Aznaph Aznaph, Greenseeker

A Yavimayan Elf of post-apocalypyic Dominaria.
Baird Baird, Steward of Argive

A human soldier, one of several stewards of New Argive. A skilled combatant and a keen scholar.[8][9]

Friend of Gull and Greensleeves and part of their army.[10]
Betje Sister Betje

Author of Miracles of the Saints during The Dark Age.

A scout in the army of Gull and Greensleeves. Killed on Phyrexia.[10]
Corin Corin, Tolarian Mage

A young mage from te Tolarian Academy who helped Liliana and Gideon defeat Josu.[11]
Dacian Dacian the Red

A wizard. A foe of Gull and Greensleeves and part of their army.[10]

A librarian

A member of the Cabal and a friend of Chainer. She was killed by The Order in one of their attempts to get the Mirari from the hands of the Cabal.

A Crookshank Kobold who forced Loot Niptil to steal a treasure, but was killed by the ensuing curse.[12]
Ekemet Scout Ekemet

A scout for Femeref during the Mirage Wars. She was to take a trail through the Uuserk Marshes but never
returned.[13] Her final diaries provided the high council of Jamuraa an idea of Kaervek’s infiltration into Zhalfir and its surrounding regions.

A Giant Spider summoned by Jason Carthalion[14]
Erissa Erissa, bog witch

Ettovard Ettovard, Tolarian Archivist

Archivist on Tolaria.
Evra Evra, Halcyon Witness

An avatar. An embodiment of Thran achievement, created when Halcyon was destructed by the Phyrexians, ten thousand years ago.[8]
Ezrith Ezrith, Druid of the Dark Hours

A druid of post-apocalypyic Dominaria, practicing necromantic magic.

A young worker at the Weatherlight construction site. Hadi's Cousin.[2]

A Hurloon Minotaur cleric, brother of Sunspeaker.[15]
Gamelen Gamelen, Citanul Elder

An important Elf from Argoth.
Garna Garna, the Bloodflame

A vicious, battle scarred Keldon warrior. A rival of Radha. She has gathered a warhost that shares her violent, xenophobic vision for their nation.[15]

Inkeeper of Vess[11]

A Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. Working as a baker. Aunt of Recin.[16]
Grahilah Grahilah, Former Trader of Amiqat


Predecessor of Heidar as leader of the Cult of Rimewind.
Grunn Grunn, the Lonely King

An accomplished gorilla warrior. A hermit and unrivaled king of his own patch of Yavimaya.
He believes his ancestors alone are worthy company.[17]
Haakon Haakon the First

Self-appointed Wizard King of the Badlands. A foe of Gull and Greensleeves.[10][18]
Not to be confused with Haakon, Stromgald's Scourge.

Jamuraan soldier of the Ki'pamu League who was conscripted during the Keldon Invasion to work for Latulla.

Assistant artificer to Jhoira, and a friend of Tiana. An older man, and had come to Tolarian Academy from Jamuraa.[19][2]
Hallar Hallar, the Firefletcher

A Llanowar elf archer. Born on the night of a legendary negotation between two groups of elves, Hallar uses a genderless pronoun that reflects their ambigious identity. Hallar's carefully controlled fire magic , burn in their fiery arrows and in the eyes of their bonded kavu, Serahane.[20]
Halvar Arenson

A priest during the Ice Age. Stepfather and mentor of Kaysa.[21]

Child of Garth One-Eye and Norreen. Named after Garth's friend of the same name.[22]
Haspian Chastoril

A salvager and a forgerer, who tried to frame Loot Niptil for a murder.[23]

A female centaur enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves. Holleb's wife.[24]

Breathstealer who assinated Qhattib, the Vizier of Amiqat, shortly after the Mirage War.

A male centaur enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves. Helki's husband[24]
Holux Holux, Stronghold Racketeer

An occupant of the Stronghold after it had appeared on Dominaria.

A Suq'Atan military man of strategy and cunning. Brother of Telim'Tor.[13]
Isel Isel, Master Carver

A master carver who lived on Dominaria at the time of the Phyrexian Invasion, known for his magic cameos.

A Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. Working as a baker. Mother of Recin[16]
Jaeger Ojanen

A Cat Warrior. Father of Jedit Ojanen.
Jareth Jareth, Leonine Titan

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A lion-like living stone statue. His only weapon is a nasty-looking shield.[3]
Jenson Carthalion Jenson Carthalion, Yavimaya fugutive

A descendant of the long Carthalion line.
Karel Volnikov

Merfolk. Marshall of the army that defended the Vodalian Empire against the Homarids of Sarpadia.

A desert wizard who attacked the army of Gull and Greensleeves.[10]
Kasib ibn Naji Kasib ibn Naji

A writer of famous letters during the Mirage War.
Kazarov Sengir Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood

A Sengir vampire. Though monstrous in appearance, he is an aristocreat of the bloodline with a civil honeyed attitude.[25] Sire of Arvad.

A bodyguard of the wizard Towser. Antagonist of Gull and Greensleeves, until they saved his life. He later died in a tsunami.[24]
Kifimbo Kifimbo, Shadow guildmage

A very guarded Shadow Guildmage from Zhalfir.[13]
Kipkemboi Kipkemboi, Kukemssa Pirate

A wealthy Kukemssa pirate

A young human wizard of the Institute of Arcane Study.
He helped returning Alligarius Timni to the valley of Tamingazin.[16]

The first Keldon Warlord.

The lover of Greensleeves, who pursuades her to give up her Planeswalker's spark.[18]
Kwende Kwende, Pride of Femeref

A human knight from Femeref, descended from the Zhalfirin general Mageta the Lion whom he idolized.[20] Kwende wields the blades of a Talruum Champion.[26] He tried to murder Teferi, shortly after the Mending, a revenge for the phasing out of Zhalfir.[4]
Laena Laena, Skyhunter

A Leonin
Liefellen Liefellen, Quirion Exarch

A notable leader of the elven Quirion nation.

A two-headed giant enslaved by the wizard Towser and befriended by Gull and Greensleeves.[24]
Lisolo Lisolo Bey

Viashino leader from the Valley of Tamingazin.[16]
Llanach Llanach, Skyshroud Ranger

A Skyshroud Elf who survived a Sliver attack.
Lostspoons Mister Lostspoons, Skulltown gossip

An elder inhabitant from Urborg.
Lyra Dawnbringer

Commander of the Serra Angels of the Order of Dawn. She continues Reya Dawnbringer's mission of protecting Benalia.[8][6]

A man on Subiras caravan. Murdered by Kwende to frame Teferi.[4]

An orc general.

A Nekoru. Mate of Wasitora.

A worker at the Weatherlight construction site.[2]
Marwyn Marwyn, the Nurturer

An elf druid of Llanowar. A midwife and a leader, taking pride in welcoming each new citizen in her domain.[20]
Merrik Aidar Merrik Aidar, Benalish Patrol

A Benalish soldier who survived a Sliver attack.
Mtai Mtai, Civic Guidlmage

A quiet cold Civic Guildmage.[13]
Muldrotha Muldrotha, the Gravetide

An elemental avatar and spawn of Multani. She is the Maro-Sorcerer of Yavimaya's offshoot on Urborg.[27] Like the land that gave her life, Muldrotha is wild, dark, unpredictable and relentless.
Mwani Mwani, Mtenda Goatherd
Mwani, Mtenda Herder

Naban Naban, Dean of Iteration

A human wizard from Almaaz who studied at the Tolarian Academy of Lat-Nam. An older man with hard features, he is now dean and teaches countermagic and duplication at Tolaria West.[1][6]
Naimah Naimah, Femeref Philosopher


Author of a famous Travelogue.
Naru Meha Naru Meha, Master Wizard

A human wizard from Bogardan, now master of Tolaria West. Her ancestry traces back to the famous pyromancer Kolo Meha.[1]

The last and greatest of the Tchotkan war-priests. One day, he was summoned and never returned, and his empire, without a leader, was destroyed by the progenitors of the early Sarpadian empires.[23]

An agent of Belzenlok's Cabal, tasked with infiltrating New Argive. Killed as reward for recovering the Blackblade.[19]
Niambi Niambi, Faithful Healer

Middle aged daughter of Teferi and Subira, born about a decade after the Mending. A wise woman of Zhalfirin descent with lovely features and strands of gray threaded through her long braids. A healer and cleric of the sun-worshipping Femeref faith.[7][28][4]
Okmark Okmarrk of Fentesk

A member of House Fentesk. He died in the illegal street-duel with Garth One-eye.[22]

A commander in the army of Gull and Greensleeves. She had several wifes.[10]
Panya Panya, Granger Guidlmage

A somewhat blunt and earthy Granger Guildmage.[13]
Pashad ibn Asim Pashad ibn Asim, Suq'Ata Trader

A Suq'Ata trader.[13]

A dragon, revered as a God by the kobolds of Kher Keep.[9]
Rael Rael, Battle Angel

Protector of Caligo. She led the Benalish forces against the Cabal and helped defeat Josu.[11]
Rael Gar

Usurper of of the leadership over the Garan elves in the Valley of Tamingazin. Killed by Tallibeth Tarngold.[16]
Rana Rana, Suq'Ata Market Fool

Rasputin Dreamweaver

A wizard who aided from Tivadar of Thorn to temporarily restore civilization to Terisiare by throwing back the Goblin Invasions with their Crusade. This brought a close to the Dark Age.
Ratadrabik Ratadrabik of Urborg

A necromancer from Urborg.

A young Garan elf living in exile in the Viashino city of Berimish. A friend of Tallibeth Tarngold.[16]
Rhirhok Rhirhok, Goblin Archer

Rona Rona, Disciple of Gix

A human artificer and follower of Gix.[25] Trained in Tolarian magic. She has a biomechanical eye and modified her body to transcend her human form.
Rorix Bladewing

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A serpentine dragon with knife-like wings that could fly very fast.[3] Later zombified.

A researcher of Slivers.
Sabriam Speaker Sabriam

Speaker of the ruling caste of Benalia City. Spurned lover of Rakel.[10]
Sadage Sadage, Cleric of the Cabal

A cleric of Belzenlok's Cabal.[19]
Shalai Shalai, Voice of Plenty

A Serra Angel who has forged a deep bond with the elves of Llanowar after fighting beside them during the Phyrexian Invasion.[8]

A Cat Warrior from the Khyyiani tribe, in the pride of Kyyrao Grenmw. He thought that Loop Niptil was prey, but was bested by the wizard.[12]
Silmar Captain Silmar

The captain of the guard of Tantium. He battled with Garth One-Eye during the Festival of Estark, having disguised himself as an Ingkara fighter.[22]
Silvos Silvos, Rogue Elemental

A pit-fighter in the Grand Coliseum of Otaria.
A thallid-like fungal elemental.[3]
Slinn Voda Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep

A massive leviathan, whom the merfolk appeased soon after their arrival in New Vodalia.[27] It bears a city on its back, and will rise to meet any true thread to the Vodalian Empire.
Solin Hemarch Solin

Human leader of Suder. A morbidly obese bisexual rapist.[16]
Sopti Borth

An artificer] from Automatown who was murdered in her workshop.[23]

The cook's boy of the wizard Towser. He befriended by Gull and Greensleeves and became part of their army.[24][10]

Wife of Teferi and mother of Niambi. A Zhalfirin woman, with strong features and a confident bearing. Works as a caravan drover. She met Teferi shortly after the Mending.[4]

A Hurloon Minotaur cleric, sister of Firesong.[15]
Tagard Tarngold

Human leader from the Valley of Tamingazin, who devised a plan that could bring harmony to his war-ravaged home.[16] Killed by Karelon.
Talibah Talibah, Embermage

Tarox Bladewing

A descendant of Rorix Bladewing. Child of Verix and Karox Bladewing. The pride of his xenophobic blood, secretely hoping to seize control of Darigaaz's dragon nations.[20]
Tatyova Tatyova, Benthic Druid

A Vodalian merfolk druid, living between the roots of Yavimaya.[7]
Tavalus Tavalus, Priest of Korlis

Teshar Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle

An Aven theologian and missionary, who worships Serra in her form of The Ancestor.[17]
Tetsuko Umezawa

A recent descendant of Clan Umezawa. She practices a form of magic that connects her to a series of magical doorways. She can step freely from any of these doorways to another, evading Bolas's notice while she plots against him.[25]

A benalish Knight who helped Liliana and Gideon defeat Josu. Second in command to Rael.[11][6]

A Cabal agent who infiltrated Tolaria West. He was apprehended by the Weatherlight crew[6]

Chief metalworker of Jhoira, working on the recontrsuction of the Weatherlight.[5]
Tomor Tomor, dragonspeaker shaman

Toothlicker Harj Toothlicker Harj, Orcish Captain

An orc captain, during the Ice Age.
Torgaar Torgaar, Famine Incarnate

An avatar, brought into being by by one of Urborg's many calamities.[27] The famine-spirit roams the marshes terrorizing the Cabal, the swamp spirits, and anyone else who comes near.
Traxos Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

A dragon engine designed by Mishra, instrumental in the destruction of Kroog. Recently found on Lat-Nam and accidently reactivated.[15]
Tywanna Tywanna, Shaper Guidlmage

A Shaper Guildmage from Zhalfir.[13]
Urgoros Urgoros, the Empty One

A specter from Vhelnish who serves Belzenlok. After his body was siphoned away in dementia space, his spirit had been fused into his armor.[29] He is mounted on a Nightmare steed.
Uros Uros, Pendelhaven elder

Ursal Daleel

Treasonous Suder ambassador in the Viashino city of Berimish.[16]
Valduk Valduk, Keeper of the Flame

A Keldon shaman and lore-keeper, loyal to Radha. He can communicate with the sacred Keldon peak, known as "The Mountain".[15]

Whisper Whisper, blood liturgist

A cruel and ambitious cleric of the Cabal, born in Estark. One of Belzenloks favored priests. She has the habit of speaking quietly, forcing others to lean toward her.[29]

Belzenlok's lieutenant in the Cabal. the Demonlord transformed him into a maggot after he became too ambitious.[27]
Yargle Yargle, Glutton of Urborg

A Frog Spirit that haunts Urborg.[27]
Yormeba Queen Yormeba

Queen of Zhalfir, installed by Teferi after the Femeref secession.

A Djinn. He is bound to a lamp, but he no one's servant. Those who seek to compel him find that their power over him vanishes the moment he is released from the lamp.[25]
Zarkuu Zarkuu, Necrosavant


A Vodalian merfolk. She was hired by Jhoira to raise the wreck of the skyship Weatherlight.[19]
Zyd Zyd, Kamahlite Druid

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