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This is a list of all planeswalkers mentioned in the Magic storyline. Included are former planeswalkers and planeswalkers whose spark is dormant.

Revisionist planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

These people all possess the spark to become or are lower powered planeswalkers. Referred to colloquially as neowalkers.

Post-Mending[edit | edit source]

This list includes all planeswalkers and those with the spark mentioned or presumed to be alive after the Mending. It also includes some of their abilities (If more info is known please change it).

  • Planeswalkers
    • Playable
      • Ajani Goldmane — A leonin auramancer from Naya who can heal other living creatures and purify the corrupted.
      • Angrath — A minotaur who wields Iron Chains that are imbued with fire.
      • Arlinn Kord — A Werewolf from Innistrad who retains her intelligence in her transformed state.
      • Ashiok — A being of unknown species, gender, and origin who can manipulate dreams and fear. Ashiok can also summon illusions and seems to be somewhat incorporable.
      • Chandra Nalaar — A Pyromancer from Kaladesh.
      • Dack Fayden — A thief who possess some form of Psychometry. Dack can recall the history of an object that he touches and can copy any spells that that object is enchanted with.
      • Daretti — A goblin artificer from Fiora.
      • Domri Rade — A teenage Gruul initiate. Domri Rade can summon beasts and can enhance their ferocity and physical attributes.
      • Dovin Baan — A member of the Kaladesh consulate. Dovin has the unique ability to see the weak point in any system or machine.
      • Elspeth Tirel (dead) — A powerful planeswalker from a ravaged plane who now resides in the underworld of Theros after being killed by a god.
      • Garruk Wildspeaker — A beast summoner and hunter who has been corrupted by the Chain Veil and now wields death magic and hunts other planeswalkers.
      • Gideon Jura — A Hieromancer from Theros and a trained soldier and tactician. Gideon has a personal shield that grants him some degree of invunerability. Also has some degree of control over light.
      • Huatli — A planeswalker from Ixalan who can telepathically commune with Dinosaurs and harness their memories.
      • Inzerva — A draconic planeswalker who gathers knowledge and jealously hordes their secrets.
      • Jace Beleren — A powerful Telepath from Vryn with an enhanced intellect. Jace can create illusions, control memories and possesses clairvoyant abilities.
      • Jaya Ballard — An elder pyromancer from Dominaria.
      • Jiang Yanggu — A boy from the Plane of Mountains and Seas, who is always accompanied by a sapient dog named Mowu.
      • Karn — Artificer who is himself a construct made out of silver.
      • Kaya — An assassin from Fiora with the ability to become partially incorporeal, allowing her to slip through solid items and to touch and assassinate spirits.
      • Kiora — A merfolk from Zendikar who can summon sea creatures and has a large degree of control over over sea life in general. Also wields the bident of thassa which augments her abilities.
      • Koth — A mirran geomancer who can cause earthquakes and contol volcanic energies.
      • Liliana Vess — A long lived necromancer who made deals with multiple demons for extra power and eternal youth. Wields the Chain Veil which enhances her abilities greatly.
      • Mu Yanling — A blue aligned planeswalker from the Plane of Mountains and Seas.
      • Nahiri — An ancient lithomancer from Zendikar who can restructure materials.
      • Narset — An Ojutai scholar from Tarkir who works to uncover the history of her plane.
      • Nicol Bolas — An ancient machiavellian elder dragon who possesses a wide array of abilities including telepathy, necromancy and energy manipulation abilities.
      • Nissa Revane — An elf from Zendikar who can summon elementals and feel and manipulate the leylines that run through planes.
      • Ob Nixilis — A demon who has recently regained his spark. He wields death magic and can manipulate life forces.
      • Ral Zarek — An Izzet guildmage from Ravnica who can create electrical storms and channel ambient static through his arm mounted gauntlets.
      • Saheeli Rai — An artificer from Kaladesh who possesses a magical command over metal.
      • Samut — A surviving initiate from Amonkhet who can move at superhuman speed.
      • Sarkhan Vol — A dragon worshiper from Tarkir who can summon and communicate with dragons. Also has some pyrokinetic abilities.
      • Sorin Markov — An ancient Innistrad vampire with a wide array of abilities that mostly involve blood magic. Can create artificial life, drain or restore other creatures life forces and project dark energy.
      • Tamiyo — A moonfolk planeswalker from Kamigawa who wields magical scrolls that need to be read aloud for various effects.
      • Teferi — A long lived chronomancer who has recently regained his planeswalker spark.
      • Tezzeret —A prodigious artificer from Esper who possesses an artificial magical arm. Tezzeret can create and manipulate various metals and give life to objects. Also possesses some degree of telepathy.
      • Tibalt — An innistradi half devil/half human torturer who can create pain within other creatures and manipulate it's intensity.
      • Ugin — An recently resurrected elder dragon that can transmute energy into matter.
      • Venser (dead) — A pathmage with powerful teleportation abilities. (Deceased)
      • Vivien Reid — a hunter from Skalla, who is able to call forth spirit creatures with her Arkbow.
      • Vraska — A gorgon assassin from Ravnica.
      • Xenagos (presumably dead) — A satyr from Theros who ascended to godhood (Deceased)
    • Not playable

Pre-Mending[edit | edit source]

The following people are traditional, nigh-omnipotent planeswalkers in revisionist continuity. This list only mentions those 'walkers actually seen or mentioned by name. Other planeswalkers have been described (a "demonic leviathan" and a "shark person" for example) but never named or shown.

Unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

It is unclear whether the following characters actually were planeswalkers.

Not planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

The following characters are often thought to be planeswalkers, but have been confirmed not to be ‘walkers in revisionist continuity. The ones with an (x) behind their name were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity but have been ret-conned into not being them since then.

Prerevisionist[edit | edit source]

Confirmed[edit | edit source]

The following people have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity and could still be in revisionist continuity. The ones with a (*) behind their name have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in revisionist continuity as well.

The following characters were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity, but have been demoted (or promoted) from that status in revisionist continuity.

The following characters were called planeswalkers in the Greensleeves Cycle, but those books were released before the power-level of planeswalkers was clearly established, thus it is difficult to say if they were really planeswalker in the true sense of the word. It must be noted, however, that Kuthuman, Garth and Greensleeves herself have been described as having almost god-like powers, which seems to confirm that they had a planeswalker's spark.

  • Chaney: Chaney's status as a planeswalker is contested. She is described as having considerable powers (she can manipulates the flowing of time) and she was surely able to planeswalks in her youth, however she grows old and dies like a mortal woman: if this means that she hasn't a proper spark or if she simply chooses to die remains unknown.
  • Garth One-Eye
  • Greensleeves
  • Kuthuman

Then there is one person who was given the power of a planeswalker by Geyadrone Dihada. Planeswalker powers cannot be gained this way in revisionist continuity, but it is possible Dihada only activated his latent spark.

Unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

It is unclear whether the following people were actual planeswalkers or not.

Not planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

Its often thought that the Elder Dragons were planeswalkers, but in prerevisionist continuity it was mentioned that their power was “almost like that of planeswalkers”.

Note that Arcades Sabboth and Nicol Bolas never appeared in prerevisionist stories, although the latter was shown as a ‘walker in revisionist continuity.

References[edit | edit source]

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