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List of planeswalkers

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This is a list of all planeswalkers mentioned in the Magic storyline. Included are former planeswalkers and planeswalkers whose spark is dormant.

Revisionist Planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

These people all possess the spark to become or are lower powered planeswalkers. Referred to colloquially as neowalkers.

Post-Mending[edit | edit source]

This list includes all planeswalkers and those with the spark mentioned or presumed to be alive after the Mending.

Pre-Mending[edit | edit source]

The following people are traditional, nigh-omnipotent planeswalkers in revisionist continuity. This list only mentions those 'walkers actually seen or mentioned by name. Other planeswalkers have been described (a "demonic leviathan" and a "shark person" for example) but never named or shown.

Unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

It is unclear whether the following characters actually were planeswalkers.

Not planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

The following characters are often thought to be planeswalkers, but have been confirmed not to be ‘walkers in revisionist continuity. The ones with an (x) behind their name were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity but have been ret-conned into not being them since then.

Prerevisionist[edit | edit source]

Confirmed[edit | edit source]

The following people have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity and could still be in revisionist continuity. The ones with a (*) behind their name have been confirmed to be planeswalkers in revisionist continuity as well.

The following characters were planeswalkers in prerevisionist continuity, but have been demoted (or promoted) from that status in revisionist continuity.

The following characters were called planeswalkers in the Greensleeves Cycle, but since those books were released before the power-level of planeswalkers was clearly established, they were written more like mages who could also planeswalk rather than as actual 'walkers.

Then there is one person who was given the power of a planeswalker by Geyadrone Dihada. Planeswalker powers cannot be gained this way in revisionist continuity, but it is possible Dihada only activated his latent spark.

Unconfirmed[edit | edit source]

It is unclear whether the following people were actual planeswalkers or not.

Not planeswalkers[edit | edit source]

Its often thought that the Elder Dragons were planeswalkers, but in prerevisionist continuity it was mentioned that their power was “almost like that of planeswalkers”.

Note that Arcades Sabboth and Nicol Bolas never appeared in prerevisionist stories, although the latter was shown as a ‘walker in revisionist continuity.