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List of Un-set mechanics

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These mechanics have only been printed in either Unglued or Unhinged. These silver-bordered sets are designed to allow for cards and mechanics that cannot work or be printed under the official rules, and as such, these mechanics have no formal definition beyond that printed on the card.

Un-mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Ban
  • Gotcha
  • Super Haste
  • Die rolling, of standard six-sided dice.
  • A variety of mana symbols, including:
    • {½}, {½R}, {½W}, {Y}, {Z}, and {∞}, which have no rules meaning
      • One black bordered card, the Beatdown box set printing of Fireball, used the {Y} symbol as well. However, the Oracle text for the card uses only {X}.
    • {100} and {1000000}, which are extraordinarily large values, but would otherwise function within the rules