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The Boros Legion
Boros Logo.png
Alternative Names
The Legion
Lore Information
Parun Razia (deceased)
Guild Leader Razia (deceased)
Feather (removed)
Aurelia (incumbent)
Guild Champion Agrus Kos
Guild Hall Sunhome
Game Information
Colors {R}{W}
Mechanics Radiance
(Ravnica: City of Guilds)
(Guilds of Ravnica)
Featured Sets
Ravnica: City of Guilds
Guilds of Ravnica
Signet Flavor Text
"Have you ever held a Boros signet? There's a weight to it that belies its size — a weight of strength and of pride." — Boros Signet

The Boros Legion is a red/white guild from the plane and city of Ravnica.[1][2][3] Introduced in Ravnica: City of Guilds, the guild is also featured in Gatecrash and Guilds of Ravnica.

Boros basic lands from Guilds of Ravnica

Background[edit | edit source]

Founded by parun Razia, a militant flaming-sword-wielding archangel capable of using flame and light magic who fervently and firmly believes in harmonious coexistence on Ravnica, even if lives are lost and blood is shed in achieving this, the Boros Legion functions as the righteous and zealous constabulary and standing army of Ravnica, as the League of Wojek and Boros Army, respectively, and enforces Ravnican laws created by the Azorius Senate.[4]

Old Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

As it was originally envisioned, the Boros Legion had a complicated, contrived, and highly stratified hierarchy, with the upper levels comprising angels and guildmages and lower levels comprising the League of Wojek and the Boros Army. Within the lower levels, Boros Army officers that outrank League of Wojek officers may issue orders to such individuals; but, the reverse is not true for League of Wojek officers that outrank Boros Army officers.[4]

Angels[edit | edit source]


Angels are above and outside of the regular hierarchy, though at least under Aurelia's reform they work as "only footsoldiers".[5] They provide inspiration and direction. Only occasionally do they swing their fiery swords in battle. Any angel of any status outranks a mortal Boros member and they may utilize any magical ordinance.

Power Band 1: Razia, Boros Archangel[edit | edit source]

The parun and guild leader of the Boros Legion, Razia is at the top of the guild. Military leader and icon, inspiration and demi-god, all within the Legion know of her and all respect her.

Power Band 2: Angelic Warleaders[edit | edit source]

Wise and ancient, these angels serve as the tacticians of the guild and as counselors to the Archangel. They chart spiritual campaigns over hundreds of years. They set the dogma of the guild, making certain that it reflects the command of their leader.

Power Band 3: Firemane Angels[edit | edit source]

These angels are not involved in strategy or politics. Instead, they are incarnations of war, serving in the capacity of holy warriors.

Power Band 4: Warrior Angels[edit | edit source]

Soldiers, they are the rank and file of the angel echelon.

Power Band 5: Guildmage[edit | edit source]

The Boros Guildmage is the highest power band among Boros mortals. The Guildmage is the only rank that may initiate contact with the angels, though this policy has been relaxed in modern times.[6] They receive orders from the angels and pass it along to the commanders of the Boros Army and the League of Wojek.

League of Wojek and Boros Army[edit | edit source]

Boros style guide art

Below the rank of Guildmage, the Legion splits in half. The League of Wojek is the official law enforcement of the districts of the Ravnica City. Many ranks with the League and the Army share a power band, however, a member of the Army may give order to a lower ranking Wojek while a Wojek cannot give orders to a lower ranking member of the Army.

Commander-General[edit | edit source]

Power Band 6

There are two Commanders-General within the Boros Legion, one for the Wojek and one for the regular army. They are masters of war and strategy as well as administration.

Section Commander[edit | edit source]

Power Band 7

There are ten section commanders within the League of Wojek, one for each of the districts of Ravnica City. A Boros or Wojek of power band 7 or higher can activate a Sentinel Titan, a colossal statue. Each of Ravnica City’s districts is guarded by a Sentinel Titan.

Shift Captain and Skyknight Captain[edit | edit source]

Power Band 8

The Wojek Shift Captains commands Wojek on a smaller scale than the Section Commander but is still in charge of a lot of Wojek. They are the highest rank that patrol the streets.

The Skyknight Captains command not only their Skyknights but also the rest of the Boros soldiers. Their position in the skies gives them a great vantage point from which to command a battle. Skyknight Captains are on the ground as often as they’re in the air so as to communicate with the ground troops.

Wojek Embermage[edit | edit source]

Power Band 9

They are the combat mages of the League of Wojek. The Wojek do not rely on the power of the Guildmages and so the Embermages are there to back them up when the hand-to-hand combat gets a little sticky.

Lieutenant / Skyjek and Skyknight Legionnaire[edit | edit source]

Power Band 10

The most clever and experienced of the street patrol Wojek hold the rank of Lieutenant. They answer directly to the Shift Captain.

Ace fighters in the air, the Skyknight Legionnaires and the Skyjeks hold the respect and awe both of the Boros rank and file and of the Ravnica citizenry.

Sergeant and Sunhome Enforcer[edit | edit source]

Power Band 11

Sergeants are standard street patrollers while Sunhome Enforcers are soldiers who have proven themselves worthy of guarding the Sunhome fortress.

Wojek Apothecary and Flame-Kin[edit | edit source]

Power Band 12

Healers of the League of Wojek, the Wojek Apothecary are necessary in the many scrapes that occur on the streets.

The flame-kin are bipedal elementals that have been touched by the angels of the Boros. They are passionate zealots loyal to the cause of the Legion.

Constable and Commando[edit | edit source]

Power Band 13

Wojek constables take care of the menial tasks that need taking care of if the League is to function properly and the relative peace of the citizens is to be maintained.

Boros Commandos are good soldiers perfect for what is commonly called ‘Hammer Duty’. Many of the Commandos are Ordruun, a race of minotaurs. Ordruun Commandos outnumber human Commandos.

Thundersong Trumpeter[edit | edit source]

Power Band 14

Though the Trumpeters do not patrol the streets like the ‘jeks and do not occupy the trenches like the rest of the army, they outrank all low level soldiers. This puts them in a bit of an awkward position. They are not particularly skilled in combat, but they are a part of the pomp and circumstance that portrays the Boros Legion. They strike fear into the heart of the enemy, intimidate them, with their song.

The Grunts[edit | edit source]

Collectively referred to as "the Grunts," the common rank-and-file mortals within the guild make up the majority of the manpower. Full of courage and protected by numbers, these are the common soldiers and police.

The Interregnum[edit | edit source]

During the days of the Interregnum after the death of Razia and many high-ranking officials of the guild, the Boros mainly worked as paid bodyguards and security officials for the highest bidders, mostly Orzhov families.[7] Many were discontent with this new style of leadership under guildmaster Feather and gathered under the war-leader Aurelia, who argued that no disgraced angel should lead the Boros.

The new Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

After Aurelia assumed the office of guildmaster, she established several changes to the way the guild was run. While she maintained both the army and the wojek, angels are now encouraged to mingle with the lower ranks and Aurelia enforces practicality over tradition among them.[6][8]

In addition, Aurelia has split leadership of the bulk of the legion into three "theatres" that mainly deal with threats to the public order:

  • The Theatre of Order: The Theatre of Order is tasked to fight against Rakdos incursions and their clubs.
  • The Theatre of Integrity: The Theatre of Integrity is tasked to find the sleeper agents and hidden refuges of the Dimir and root any members of this subversive guild out
  • The Theatre of Recruitment: The Theatre of Recruitment has the objective to find and indoctrinate members among the guildless that seem suitable to serve in the Legion.
  • The Warmind Initiative: A conjoined effort of the Izzet and the Boros, the Warmind Initiative works to develop new technologies for the Boros to use to keep the peace.

In the game[edit | edit source]

Guild mechanics[edit | edit source]

Ravnica: City of Guilds: Radiance[edit | edit source]

Main article: Radiance

Radiance is an ability word that features on cards that have an effect on a target and all other cards of the same type that share a color with the target.[9]

Gatecrash: Battalion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Battalion

Battalion is an ability word that features on cards that have an effect triggered when multiple creatures attack simultaneously.

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Species and races associated with the Boros Legion include:

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Classes associated with the Boros Legion include:

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References[edit | edit source]

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