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Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Unknown
Race Shapeshifter

Lazav is the guildmaster of House Dimir. After Szadek was killed and gained control over Agyrem, Lazav managed to gather what was left of the Dimir and bring them together. A ritual was supposed to allow them to commune with the previous guildmaster's spirit, however, it is unknown whether that was true or just a ruse. Since the Dimir guildhall was lost to all, they built a new Duskmantle, which replaced the old structure.

Lazav continues to use most of Szadek's methods, giving both their own agents and mercenaries (one of whom is Krenko[1]) as little information as is required to further their goals.

Details about them are unknown, including Lazav's real gender. They claim that they take orders from some greater power.

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