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Location of Kush

Kush is a nation of southwestern Aerona, on the plane of Dominaria.[1] It lies south of the Tonga Mountains. north of Barbar and west of the Green Lands.

Kush is primarily known for the Festival of Estark.[2] Leshrac Nightwalker dominated part of it before being imprisoned in Phyrexia.

Locations in Kush[edit | edit source]

  • Estark, the festival city
  • Farndrel
    • The Seven Dragons Inn.
  • Tantium, a port city
  • Gish, a quiet place with vineyards in the countryside.

Houses of Kush[edit | edit source]

Originally there were five Houses in Kush. Each one have its own color which is used as a synonyme to the name of a House. Between time of the Night of Fire and Time of Troubles House Oor-tael was destroyed. Each House has its Master and wizards of lower ranges.

House Master
before the Night of Fire
after the Night of Fire
after the Time of Troubles
Bolk Kirlen Kirlen Naru Brown
Fentesk Varnel Buckara Varnel Buckara ? Orange
Ingkara Jimak Ravelth Jimak Ravelth ? Purple
Kestha Tulan Tulan ? Gray
Oor-tael Cullinarn None Hadin gar Kan/Hammen Turquoise

References[edit | edit source]

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