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Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Born centuries before the Mending Era
Race Elder Giant

Kroxa is the titan of Death's Hunger, on the plane of Theros.

Before the gods of Theros rose to power, the titans — horrific primal urges made flesh — roamed the mortal realm, sowing death and destruction in their wake. The mortals, powerless to defend themselves, turned to prayer in their hour of need. From this concentrated devotion, sprang forth the gods themselves. Imbued with incredible power, the gods sealed the titans away in the Underworld. Klothys, the god of fate, volunteered to act as jailer and sequestered herself in the Underworld for eternity, acting as eternal seal and ensuring the titans remained trapped.[1]

Kroxa is possessed by a never-ending hunger. If he ever escaped his imprisonment in the Underworld, he would eat all of Meletis in a day, and then head to Nyx.[2] Kroxa eats not for sustenance or pleasure, but because it is his nature.[3]

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