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Birthplace Mirrodin
“  Rebuild what was.  ”

—Kraynox, the Deep Thane

Kraynox, known as the Deep Thane is an enormous, multi-limbed black-aligned New Phyrexian whose objectives are bound with the subterranean Mycosynth pillars beneath Mirrodin.[1] He is described as a being coated in oil, and is assumed to be the largest of all the Seven Steel Thanes. The ideals of Kraynox revolve around the construction of a grand fourth layer to New Phyrexia, woven of organic and metallic structures which form the vast labyrinthine factory. This layer is seemingly entirely industrious, flowing with foul oil and dense with the smog of countless pipes, pools and breathing organic vessels used to extract oil for use elsewhere.

It can be assumed that Kraynox is seeking to rebuild Phyrexia based on visions of the past, idealizing the traditional Phyrexian civilization. To this end he assumes the title of Father of Machines, tyrannically ruling the fourth sphere of New Phyrexia to one day emerge.

"Let them vie for power and carve each other up for a seat closer to the Father of Machines. I will watch them and laugh as their greed and ambition overpowers their patience and will. They will fall, one by one, and then I will rise and claim my power. My roots run deep into the oil, and I have learned much from it." —Kraynox, Deep Thane

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