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Kradak was the legendary first Warlord of Keld on Dominaria.[1]

Kradak was the leader of the refugees from Parma, fleeing the deadly cold of the northern reaches of Aerona. He brought his warhost to a large, lone volcano simply called the The Mountain. The Mountain called to Kradak and where many turned back, Kradak continued to the very summit where he forged a bond with the land and was granted the secret of calling a magical force he called The Flame. He brought this Kindling Spell to his followers to help them survive the cold. Using his mastery of the land, Kradak was able to cast fire magics to warm the Keldon stragglers. Jezal, the leader of these stragglers, made a pact with Kradak. Thus was the founding of Keld and became Kradak the very first Doyen. Based on his experience on the Mountain, Kradak dictated the stories that would become the basis for The Book of Keld

Kradak appeared in a vision to the warlord Astor, in which he warned him of the coming of the Keldon Twilight.

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