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Koskun is a region in Ulgrotha. It comprises mountains, a keep, a river, and falls.

Koskun Falls. Art by Rob Alexander.
Koskun Keep. Art by Pat Morrissey.

Koskun Mountains

The Koskun Mountains are a mountain range on the plane of Ulgrotha. Near Kher Ridge is the home of the Anaba Minotaurs. This was where Taysir of Rabiah defeated Sandruu, and where Feroz killed Taysir.

Koskun River

The mighty Koskun River flows through the mountains and turns into the Koskun Falls before reaching the Dark Barony.

Koskun Falls

The Koskun Falls are located between Koskun Keep and the Sengirian villages of the Dark Barony on Ulgrotha.

Koskun Keep

Koskun Keep is a stronghold of goblins and thieves. Ruled by Eron the Relentless, who had an agreement with Aysen to buy food from them in return for not attacking their towns. The goblin wizards from the Keep have begun egotistical duels against mages from the Wizards' School that may threaten to hinder relations between the two powers. At the base of the keep is the fortress of Strongrock.


At the base of Koskun Keep stands Strongrock, a small fortress.


An-Zerrin is a small castle hidden within the Koskun Mountains, though it is now no more than a tumble of stones and snow haunted rooms. Its occupants were killed by Baron Sengir and serve him in death.