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Plane Dominaria (plane)
Part of Terisiare
Status Currently Krov
Later part of Krov

Korlis was the southeastern one of the three ancient coastal kingdoms of Terisiare on Dominaria during the Brothers' War. It is currently a small island in the archipelago of the Terisian Isles.[1]

Korlis was a city-state ruled by a merchant council, and engaged primarily in trade with the rest of the nations of Terisiare. The River Kor flowed through the city itself, and there was abundant forest around it at one time, but lumber was harvested by Urza's armies until the area around the city was barren. Near it was Korlinda, which was the location of an aborted peace conference between Argive, Korlis, Yotia and the Fallaji, two years before the beginning of the Brother's War. After the war, it eventually crumbled with all other civilizations on Terisiare.

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The river Kor and the city-state of Korlis have no relation to the people named Kor.


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