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The Khyyiani are one of the four tribes of cat warriors that inhabit oases in the Sukurvian Desert. They worship Lord Windgrace, and possibly also Terrent Amese. Their land is four days' walk northeast of Efrava. Kyyrao Grenmw was a Khyyiani.

They are closer in appearance to cheetahs and had a strong warrior culture, being referred to as "battle-mad" by the Efravans. According to the Efravans, the Khyyani are also cruel, loving to torture captives with lingering deaths. Their land is considered the most scarce of all the tribes, which resulted in them being more scrawny-looking. They were the only tribe to not participate in the traditional exchange of cubs, wich led to their numbered dwindling due to inbreeding.

Like all other tribes of cat warriors from the Sukurvian Desert, they are descendants of the original tribe created by the planeswalker Terrent Amese to guard the Dark Heart of the Wood.