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Keyword ability

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A keyword ability is a word or words that substitutes for a piece of rules text. Many keywords are summarized in reminder text, especially in core sets.

Keyword abilities are somewhat different from keyword actions, and both are distinct from ability words. Collectively, they are decribed as mechanics.

Rules[edit | edit source]

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (October 4, 2019—Throne of Eldraine)

Keyword Ability
A game term, such as “flying” or “haste,” used as shorthand for a longer ability or group of abilities. See rule 702, “Keyword Abilities.”

From the Comprehensive Rules (October 4, 2019—Throne of Eldraine)

Keyword counters[edit | edit source]

Keyword counters were introduced on a test card in the Mystery Booster set (Recycla-bird with flying counters).[1]

A permanent with a keyword counter on it gains that keyword. To determine how this interacts with continuous effects, use the counter's timestamp. The timestamp of a counter is the most recent time that any counter of that kind was put onto that permanent.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Eli Shiffrin (November 11, 2019). "Mystery Booster Release Notes". magicthegathering.com. Wizards of the Coast.

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