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Kelfae is one of the Llanowar elfhames on Dominaria.[1][2]

The Kelfae elves live in waterproof dwellings in the canopy of the Llanowar forest and are closely bonded with the kavu.[3] Due to the risk of fire, they illuminate their dwellings with bioluminiscent fungus. At birth, each Kelfae is given a kavu, usually one that is born on the same day. They are raised together and taught to trust each other. The noble class among the Kelfae are the adai, midwives who bring both elf and kavu into the world. Their leader is Marwyn, the Nurturer.

The Jubilar elfhame, whose people also lived in the canopy, was annihilated in the Phyrexian invasion. Its survivors were taken up by the Kelfae. Those who are capable and willing make pilgrimages to the ruins of Welspree, a former port city now half-sunk in the waters of Lake Ardkanor.