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Kaladesh Remastered is a Magic Arena-specific reprint set that will be released in November, 2020.[1] It combines cards from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt.

Kaladesh Remastered
Kaladesh Remastered logo.jpg
Set Information
Set symbol
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis and Mark Winters
Release date November, 2020
Themes and mechanics Energy counters, Vehicles
Keywords/​ability words Crew
MTG Arena series
Amonkhet Remastered Kaladesh Remastered Pioneer Masters
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Commander Collection: Green Kaladesh Remastered Kaldheim



Kaladesh Remastered features the set-defining cards and iconic mechanics you remember from both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt but with updated gameplay to make this a fun and fresh experience. The combined card count from across these two sets has landed at TBA cards, with a focus on the Limited play experience (Draft and Sealed), Pioneer, and continued support for Historic.

The cards are obtainable in MTG Arena boosters, Limited events (Sealed and Draft), and through crafting.


While many of the mechanics from the original block will be familiar, others have been remastered to fit the updated look and feel of MTG Arena.

Card typesEdit

Vehicles are expected to make an appearance.



Changes in rarityEdit

Changes in rarity, compared to the cards in the original Kaladesh block.


Removed cardsEdit

The following cards from the Kaladesh block don't appear in Kaladesh Remastered: TBA