Josu Vess

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Josu Vess
Race Human Zombie
Birthplace Caligo Forest, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4300 - 4560

Josu was the brother of Liliana Vess. He was born in the Caligo Forest on Dominaria.[1]

One time, Josu suffered a horrible corruption at the hands of his father's enemies. His sister was tasked by lady Ana to gather the roots of the Esis Tree for his cure. Unfortunately, she found out that her father's dark enemies had razed the groves where the Esis Tree had grown. She only learned of this fact when she encountered a strange man who claimed to be a supporter of her father. He offered his assistance, though he warned that her family would not want her to use his cure.

Liliana returned to the castle and despite the warnings of Lady Ana, she used the cure. Truly, it cured Josu of his affliction, but only at the cost of driving him insane and poisoning him anew. Realizing that she had to kill the crazed creature that Josu had become, Liliana turned his victims into zombies to fight him. At that same moment, she unlocked her planeswalker's spark and ended up on Innistrad.

The Cabal later recruited Josu into their service, transforming him into a lich dedicated to Belzenlok.[2] Holding court from the ruins of Vess Manor, he transformed the forest into a swampland.[3] Liliana was able to lure her brother back to Vess Manor, because his curse could only be ended where it began. She broke the lich spell with the help of the Chain Veil, but before dying, Josu told her that their family had been wiped out as a consequence of her actions, and that she was the real curse.[4]

Story appearances[edit | edit source]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Raven's Eye, Part 1 Jenna Helland 2010-06-17 Dominaria Liliana Vess, Ana, Josu Vess, Raven Man

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