Jiang Yanggu

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Jiang Yanggu
Birthplace Plane of Mountains and Seas
Lifetime Unknown
Race Human planeswalker
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Jiang Yanggu is a green aligned planeswalker boy from the Plane of Mountains and Seas, who is always accompanied by a sentient dog named Mowu. Together with Mu Yanling, he was introduced for the Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling.[1] They are canonical characters in the multiverse, meaning they (and their plane) could intersect with Magic Story in the future.[2]

After waking up with no memories, he didn't know his name or family. He renamed himself Yanggu (literally "vale of sunrise") after the easternmost vale of his home country.[3] To save the the Jiuli Clan, which was haunted by plague, Yanggu ventured into the Mountain of Ten Witches for a solution. Here he battled, and later befriended, the mysterious Mu Yanling. With Yanling's help, Yanggu tackled the threat of the plague. In order to find out who he really was, he went onto the journey of expedition with the Yanling.

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