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Birthplace Dominaria, continent of Shiv, Ghitu Tribe
Lifetime Born 3289 AR
Race Human
Time Streams, Invasion, Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, Future Sight

Jhoira is a nearly immortal Shivan artificer of the Ghitu tribe who studied at the Tolarian Academy on Dominaria.

History[edit | edit source]

Academy years[edit | edit source]

Slightly older than Teferi, she was Karn's first friend after his activation, and gave him his name. She was used by Kerrick to infiltrate the Academy. This caused the temporal disaster that destroyed the first Academy and left Jhoira stranded on Tolaria for many years until the Headmaster Urza returned to found a new Academy. She devised a method to save her fellow student Teferi from a certain death, and enabled the academics to access the different time zones.

Jhoira herself became nearly immortal due to her experiences at Tolaria following the disaster. She managed to rig a means to collect water from a pool that had been affected by the temporal rifts. Drinking that water slowed the aging process to a near-absolute stand still, causing her appearance to age days over the course of centuries.

Fighting the Phyrexians[edit | edit source]

Jhoira was the first captain of the skyship Weatherlight and afterward returned to Shiv to oversee powerstone production. During the Phyrexian Invasion, her homeland was phased out along with Teferi's.

She returned to Dominaria along with Teferi, who was trying to bring the phased out continents back safely and close the rifts that threatened the Multiverse. In order for Jhoira to feel more at ease with the task, Teferi summoned two Ghitu warriors and two Viashino to accompany them. After losing a battle against Nicol Bolas, Teferi gave up his powers as a planeswalker to seal the time rift over Shiv, restoring the continent to its rightful form. Afterwards, Jhoira searched for Jodah, another immortal, and they would become romantically involved.

Restoring the Weatherlight[edit | edit source]

Sixty years after the Mending, Jhoira managed to locate the remains of the Weatherlight off the coast of Urborg. She salvaged the Thran metal frame, the powerstone and the engines. Rebuilding it with a weatherseed she managed to get the ship fly worthy again, and consequently started to assemble a new crew.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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