Jasmine Boreal

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Jasmine Boreal
Jasmine boreal.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime ~ 3300 AR

Jasmine Boreal was a legendary human druid, member for a short time of the Robaran Circle of Seven of Adira Strongheart, in Jamuraa, four centuries after the Ice Age.

She had red-blonde curls, and wore linen and wool leggings, earrings of polished bone, and a wide leather belt hung with pouches and charms. She joined the Robarans some months later the defeat of Johan's army at the gates of Palmyra. During their brief stay with the Robarans, she demonstrated attraction to Heath, the half-elven scout of the group.

The druid hailed from a clan that lived beyond Buzzard's Bay, and known something on the pinelands of Arboria. When the Seveners reached the forest, it was her who recounted how the land was once inhabited by pinefolks, who later disappeared for decades, and even some pixies.

Even if Jasmine usually used magical objects for casting her spells, like ointments, dryed leaves and other trinkets, and preferred to practice magic outdoor, she remained able to cast spells even without them and several miles underground.

Amongst her major contributions to the Seveners' cause, were the rejuvenation spell she cast on the mast of a corsair ship, which caused the long dead tree trunk to sprout new roots, destroying the boat in the process, and the Earthquake cast in the dungeons of Shauku's castle, which temporarily disabled the vampire, permitting the Robarans' escape.

After the ordeal, however, the druid recognized how she preferred the woodlands to pirating, and decided to quit the Robarans Mercenaries to remain with the pinefolks of Arboria, learning from their shaman.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even if in the lore she is a druid, her card doesn't have a class.

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