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Jaeuhl Carthalion

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Jaeuhl Carthalion of the Carthalion lineage was an unsuccessful Knight of Kjeldor at a time when his line had lost its prestige. He was an Advocate of the Juniper Order. Freyalise enlisted him to banish Tevesh Szat from Dominaria at the end of the Ice Age.

Equipped with the Celestial Sword, Reflecting Star, Nova Pentacle, and Staff of the Ages, Jaeuhl fought off Szat's summoned undead and found the Amulet of Quoz. Using the Amulet, Jaeuhl banished Szat to Shandalar. With Freyalise's aid, he met and soon fell in love with Kaysa, who became pregnant with his child a decade after the World Spell. He, Jaya Ballard, and the Knights of Kjeldor accompanied Kaysa, Laina, Taaveti and other Fyndhorn Elves into Yavimaya. He destroyed a Phyrexian War Beast there with his Celestial Sword. While in Yavimaya, they were also attacked by plants, but eventually allied with the Gorilla Chieftain of Yavimaya and aided in cleansing the Heart of Yavimaya.

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