Ivra Jursdotter

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Ivra Jursdotter
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, Death unknown
Race Human
Fallen Empires, The Duelist

Ivra Jursdotter was a mercenary captain who led her brigade across many battles on the Dominarian continent of Sarpadia.

Displaying no true allegiance to any particular nation, she was a true sell-sword. Regardless, she was a seasoned fighter and strategist. Beyond the great Sarpadian War, little is known of her besides a disastrous encounter with a Ghazbán ogre that turned on her company.

When the orc-goblin army attacked the dwarves, Thurzen Klathe of the Order of the Ebon Hand sent her company to aid Sarya Haasendel who was trapped in an abandoned mine with the remainder of the dwarven survivors. Seemingly dissatisfied with life in the Ebon Hand, she joined up with the Orcs.[1] While working for the orcs, Ivra seemed to see battle across all of Sarpadia, doing battle in Icatia, Havenwood, and against the Vodalians.

In-game references[edit]


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