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Information below the text box is the area on a card containing the illustration credit(s), legal text and collector numbers post-Exodus. For the legal text, the copyright[1] was added from the start, the copyright year was added in Legends, and the trademark in Invasion. Magic 2015 revamped the collector info (adding set code, rarity and language). The Story Spotlight was added in Kaladesh.

Rules[edit | edit source]

From the Comprehensive Rules (War of the Spark (May 3, 2019))

  • 212. Information Below the Text Box
    • 212.1. Each card features text printed below the text box that has no effect on game play. Not all card sets were printed with all of the information listed below on each card.
      • 212.1a Most card sets feature collector numbers. This information is printed in the form [card number]/[total cards in the set]. Some cards, such as unique cards in Planeswalker Decks, have card numbers that exceed the listed total number of cards.
      • 212.1b A card’s rarity is indicated with a single letter following the collector number.
      • 212.1c Some promotional cards include information to indicate the specific promotion the card is associated with.
      • 212.1d The three-character code representing the set in which a card is printed and the two-character code representing the language in which a card is printed are separated by a bullet point. If a card is premium, these codes are instead separated by a star.
      • 212.1e The illustration credit for a card follows the paintbrush icon or, on older cards, the abbreviation “Illus.”
      • 212.1f Legal text (the fine print at the bottom or bottom-right of the card) lists the trademark and copyright information.

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