Ice Age (comic)

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Ice Age
Ice Age Volume 1.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period July - October 1995
Number of issues 4
Character(s) Jason Carthalion, Freyalise, Tevesh Szat, Zaraya, Lim-Dul, Leshrac, Faralyn, Taysir, Kristina, Ravidel, Rhuell, Jaeuhl Carthalion
Creative team
Writer(s) Jeffrey Gómez, Jeofrey Vita
Editor(s) Bob Layton
Penciller(s) Rafael Kayanan
Inker(s) Rodney Ramos
Letterer(s) Adam Niedzwiecki
Colorist(s) Eric Hope
Preceded By
Fallen Empires
Followed By

The Ice Age comic was the first publication to tell the story of Ice Age block. It was first published as four monthly issues during the summer and fall of 1995, and later compiled into two volumes. In 2006, those compilation volumes were digitized and made freely available on in preparation for Coldsnap.

The later novels of the Ice Age Cycle often contradict the story of the Ice Age comic. As a result, many events from the comic are unlikely to remain canon.

The Twilight Kingdom[edit | edit source]

Dominaria. Deep in Northern Terisiare, some four millennia before The Gathering, by the reckoning of the Sages of Minorad.

The shaman Oriel Kjeldos flees through the ice wastes. Pursued by an Johtull Wurm, she is determined to reach her home: the glacier kingdom of Storgard. She summons a giant bear to fight the wurm, but that isn't enough. Then she receives help from the castle: her young champion Jason Carthalion, the wizard Zilgeth of Clan Ruby, and the militia from King Miko join the fight. When the wurm still almost overpowers them, Zilgeth casts an Incineration spell which kills the wurm but also costs him his life.

Safe inside, Oriel reveals to the Stone Council that Storgard is the last stronghold of civilization in all of Terisiare, that the cold has a magical origin and that it is still deepening. As head of Clan Emerald, she urges the council to leave Storgard and bring their people to the south. The other members of the council, Oriel's younger sister Arimaya of Clan Onyx, the grim Master-at-Arms Hurn of Clan Pearl, the burly dwarf Lorthun of Clan Emerald and King Miko himself are unconvinced and accuse her of blasphemy, arguing that their gods are not dead but only sleeping. The new leader of Clan Ruby, the powerful court-mage Freyalise, adds that it would be a folly to journey across the wastes because they lack the magical power to do it.

Deep within his prayer chamber - the most forbidden of all rooms in the palace of Storgard - King Miko meets his secret adviser, the demonic planeswalker Tevesh Szat. Szat warn Miko that Clan Emerald plots against him, and argues that this discord must be dealt with.

As Jason and Freyalise, who are childhood friends, meet on Raynor's Rise to discuss their differences, a magical explosion is heard in the quarters of Clan Emerald. In the hour that follows sixteen lifeless bodies are pulled from the rubble. Hurn accuses Clan Emerald of causing the explosion and of treason. The following fight between the clans is magically quelled by Jason and Freyalise. But Miko decrees that the conflict must be decided by a magical duel to the death between two champions: the same Jason and Freyalise!

Oriel guesses that an evil power has allied itself with the King, and that they need all the help they can get. In a duel of spellcasting, Jason would clearly be Freayalise's inferior. Their ally Mariska, wife of Hurn, provides them with two magical items: the Bow of the Nordic Warrior and the Shield of Prince Bilikis.

Jason and 'Alise (as he calls her) confront each other on the tundra south of Storgard. Freaylise uses red magic and begs Jason to yield, but he defends himself with [[green] magic. He calls forth a Woolly Spider called Seklistis. Then a a dark wind send by Tevesh Szat picks them all up and drops them at Storgard. Szat hopes that they will destroy the castle and grand him peace and quiet. The duelists are dashed onto the Bridge of Hielos. Kianon, Freaylise's bonded wolverine makes short work of Seklestis, at the cost of its own life. Neither mage pauses to notice that the folly of their conflict has forced the glacier to come crashing down on the castle. As Freaylise fires bursts of molten lava at Jason, Jason is influenced by Szat to use black mana for an Icequake. As the bridge collapses under Freaylise's feet, Jason fires the Fyndhorn Bow and wounds her mortally. Too late, he recognizes the influence of the demon and rejects the temptation of the black mana.

Jason finds Freaylise dying in the snow. She is thankful that Jason has found the strength to reject Szat. She hopes to ascend, and will turn to green mana in honor of her childhood friend.

Forty days later, King Mika grants the clans Emerald an Pearl leave to depart the kingdom. He also grants Jason his staff, which is able to hold the Johtull Wurms at bay. After pledging that one day the staff will serve as a symbol for all the glory of Storgard, Jason, Oriel, Mariska, Hurn and four dozen other people start their walk to the south. Many others chose to stay behind with their king, in a vainglorious attempt to rebuild what had been destroyed. Tevesh Szat is seen looming over the destroyed castle.

The Frozen Dead[edit | edit source]

The second issue of the Ice Age comic books is no longer canon. The later novel The Eternal Ice provides a contradictory account of the same story.[1]

It has been 500 years since the fall of the Glacier Kingdom, and though the Ice Age continues, the world has warmed enough for heroes to make their return. The city is Kjeldor[2], named for the descendants of the shaman Oriel Kjeldos. Its marble spires are an ode to the mages and kings who gave their lives, so that life might continue ... even in the cold. But even a city as great as Kjeldor can possess wounded knights and sworn enemies.

At one one of the towers, a Silver Erne bearing a message arrives at the balcony of Prince Darien Kjeld.[3] The Staff of the Ice Lords positioned atop of the palace prevents the creature from touching the battlement, but Darien gives it permission to land. The message is a cry for help from one of the nomadic tribes far to the west of Terisiare. They are besieged by some sort of evil force. Though they are not truly allies, Darien won't allow these people to be slaughtered. He summons Sir Zaraya and the finest Knights of Kjeldor to accompany him to Balduvia.

The Shard[edit | edit source]

The third issue of the Ice Age comic books is of uncertain canon status. Unresolved continuity conflicts exist between this comic book, Shandalar, and other stories.[1]

Forever Silent the World[edit | edit source]

The fourth issue of the Ice Age comic books is of uncertain canon status. Unresolved continuity conflicts exist between this comic book, Shandalar, and other stories.[1]

Covers[edit | edit source]

All cover artwork was created by Charles Vess.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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