Hunding Gjornersen

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Hunding Gjornersen
Hunding Gjornersen.jpg
Race Human (Dwarf)
Birthplace Dominaria, possibly Jamuraa
Lifetime ~3300 AR
'Johan, Legend of Jedit Ojanen'

Hunding Gjornersen was the first leader of the Dominarian band of thieves known as Robaran Mercenaries, scouting the Jamuraan seas around the 3300s AR.

Since anyone could challenge him for leadership of the Robaran anytime, he was often forced to use his fists as a mean of command. His ship was named Stangg's Talon. Despite his terrifying sight, he was as charming a companion as one could wish for.

Some times later, he quit for unknown reasons. His lieutenant, Adira Strongheart, took command, reforming the thieves band into a motley mercenary army.

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